The Jackal Who Was Hungry For Young Male Innocence

a foxholer sent me this following story…
i had to sit down.
i was so disturbed by what i read.
they really need to do background checks on who they let around cubs.
parents may need to do additional checks just in case,
and even still,
you never know.
so ^that jackal sexually assaulted male cubs at a school in maryland.
there is more via “new york daily news“…

A former school aide and coach in Maryland who told police he is HIV positive sexually assaulted 42 boys, authorities said.

The State’s Attorney’s Office for Charles County indicted 30-year-old Carlos Bell on 206 counts, WJLA reports. Authorities said his victims are between 11 and 17 years old and the assaults happened from May 2015 to June 2017.

The indictment covers 28 identified alleged victims and 14 unidentified victims

Bell, who worked as an instructional assistant at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School and track coach at La Plata High School, was taken into custody in July for child pornography and sexually assaulting male students.

Police began their investigation in December after a parent found inappropriate text messages on her son’s cell phone.

A search of Bell’s home computer turned up child porn, including images of him allegedly having sex with a boy inside a classroom at Benjamin Stoddert, NBC reports.

Investigators said the assaults happened at his home, on school property and possibly other locations

Authorities have not said whether any of the victims contracted the disease.

According to WJLA, the indictment includes allegations stemming from incidents on June 30 and July 28 and charges for additional alleged victims police found following an investigation.

Bell no longer works at Benjamin Stoddert or La Plata. Authorities said he was also employed at McDonough High School in Pomfret and J.P. Ryon Elementary in Waldorf.

In an organization that is all about our children, these allegations are horrifying,” Charles County Superintendent Kimberly Hill previously said in a statement. “To our parents and our community, who put their faith and trust in us to safeguard their children, I apologize on behalf of Charles County Public Schools.”

these fuckin’ creatures are sick af nowadays.
i literally have no more font about this story.
i’m horrified.

lowkey: what kind of sexual assault,
that we don’t know about,
is cleverly disguised as amateur porn nowadays?

article cc: ny daily news

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “The Jackal Who Was Hungry For Young Male Innocence”

  1. Forgive me for the language.
    This is a nasty motherfucker that deserves to fuckin die. He used his position of trust to violate these children. I wish him a slow painful death. I can’t stand a motherfucker who fucks around with kids. And I feel the same way about these grown ass men fuckin around with these little girls. Nasty ass motherfuckers.

  2. Jamari, come to florida and you would be surprised by some fine ass anchor meteorologist that have been involved with kids! Example, Bill kamal and Rob Lopicola’s. Both were similar cases but 9yrs apart. Hearing these type of stories shock me and especially if these kids go through with it.

  3. This is so horrifying. What angers me the most is these predators always have HIV of all things. I always have told people, pedophiles are always in the school system and they are the pediatricians, two professions where it is easy to be around children. This goes beyond a simple background check because many predators know how to keep their urges under wraps.

  4. Disturbing on so many levels.
    Reminds me of the clip I saw on the news this morning where this man has been stalking a brother and sister, following them to and from school, looking in their windows, leaving a note for the mom telling her she has a pretty daughter, etc.
    Disturbing as hell! What enjoyment do you get out of messing with underage kids?!! I mean I know that excites some people, but really what can they do for you?! UGH!!

      1. They need their asses whupped! You don’t play with a person’s life like that. That man could’ve been branded a predator, and his ability to make a life for himself would’ve been done!
        All because you mad at your babysitter!! WTF?!

  5. I read he is also charged with several counts of distribution of marijuana and contributing to delinquency of minors.So he probably used weed and alcohol to lure these boys in.He is also charged with 97 counts of filming child pornography.I hope they can identify the 14 unidentified boys.

  6. If the truth ever came out about teachers fucking w/students, every parent would home school. There is a network here in NY of all type of men who like sex with boys, where they use other boys to recruit even younger boys. Pastors and teachers were the most active members.

    They knew I was setting them up, so they blocked me and deleted all their web presence.

  7. Usually schools do a pretty thorough background check so maybe nothing came up?

    Either way he’s scum and I’m sure he won’t last in general population in prison.

    Meanwhile you have people actually trying to decriminalize knowingly transmitting HIV. I don’t give a fuck about meds making people undetectable and them living longer. It should be a fucking crime.

  8. As someone who works in the Childcare industry, I can tell you first hand that background checks dont mean anything to people who have never been caught. I run them everyday and if you have never been in any trouble you will be good to go so it is real easy to do harm.

    One sad reality that faces children of color is a lack of supervision and family structure, I see first hand how so many of our children are left alone basically to supervise themselves while their mothers work to take care of the household and many have mothers who receive assistance who are too busy running in behind grown ass man children keeping up with them and not focusing on their own children. I hate to even say this out loud because I know so many people in the majority already think our community is dysfunctional but I literally see it everyday. The price of Str8 Black men abandoning women to care for children on their own is increased sexual abuse among our young people.

    So many Black boys have stories that they will never tell, that are shocking and horrifying but no one seems to care because many times our children are force to grow up real fast and are introduced to grown up things before their minds can process it. I have seen grown ass men ask boys as young as 10 are they having sex, it is like a vicious cycle and so many boys are craving male attention in any form that they listen to these older men and they copy a lot of their bad behavior. In my working career I have been around many young boys who are literally wanting a man to pay them some attention so bad because their fathers have never at times even acknowledge them. I can see how this disgusting sick fuck could do this as long as he did. When you have a mentality of having sex at a young age in your culture mixed with a casual attitude about sex thanks to media influences it does not take much for boys to engage in homosexual acts with older predators especially those who provide a listening ear, and material things that many lack. Many of these thugs we chase behind are probably victims of early childhood sexual abuse and that is why it is so easy to use weed, alcohol and money to coax them to have sex, they have been doing this for years. I had a friend tell me how his mothers boyfriend sexually abused him that brought tears to my eyes because she passed away before he could tell her the truth. Many of us suffer in silence not wanting to tell these painful stories. Many of these boys who were abused by this animal are probably never going to come forward due the stigma in our community. It is probably so many more boys that this MF have ruined that we will never hear about but others will have to deal with due to their dysfunctional behavior as a result of his twisted deviance.

  9. I am going to take a lot of heat for what I am going to say. People need to stop thinking just because I child comes to them and say that some type of sexual crime took place that they are telling the truth. We have been told for far to long why would a child will lie about something like that. the question is, why would anybody lie for that fact.
    police report have shown that many of these so call sexual crimes have been made up to get back at someone.
    this is kind of personal to me because my best friends is serving a 6 year in prison over a lie that parent and the young boy at the made up. the police did a background investigation on the parent and the child, it turn out that this young boy will meet older man for hook up, if he didn’t get what they wanted, they will run to the police department to file false report of sexual crime.
    Whenever I hear of these type of story, I have to ask myself if these children are telling the truth or is they telling a lie. Children do lie.

    1. ^so over 20+ cubs lied?
      it’s one thing if it’s 1,
      but this one has a ton of allegations.
      the hunters banded together to take down this one random?
      did he know government secrets?
      gonna buy nbc?

      im confused…

    2. ^so over 20+ kids lied?
      it’s one thing if it’s 1,
      but this one has a ton of allegations.
      the police banded together to take down this random?
      did he know government secrets?
      gonna buy nbc?

      im confused…

    3. You have some serious misplaced animosity going on. When people say that “children do not lie,” it’s not to be taken literal. It means children will not think up a lie for their own benefit; there’s usually a mastermind or genuine reason. In your case it’s the mother.
      Now I’m assuming your friend didn’t know the kid’s age until they met? You still can’t blame the child. Blame the mother or the fucked up court system.

    4. Do you understand there are videos of this man having sex with underage boys.That’s why he is also charged with 97 counts of FILMING child pornography.That is a crime.It has nothing to do with them telling the truth.As a matter of fact as Tajan mentioned there are victims who haven’t and probably never will come forward.Rape including statutory rape is underreported.So if anything most predators are never arrested because most victims, especially male victims will never report the abuse.

      Lastly if you are an adult leave “young boys or young girls” alone.There are enough adults out here for you to “hook up with”.As an adult you have the responsibility to find out what their age is and it’s not enough to just ask their age.Because if they lie about their age only one of you is going to prison.
      It doesn’t matter if some of these boys consented or not because if they are underage they can’t legally consent especially with the age differences between them and him.

    5. You damn right you gone take heat for saying this. There is video footage of it, meaning it happened, and there is no denying it, and every boy is not lying.

  10. So this is what I have to say…As a victim of sexual abuse ( not assault, there is a difference) from the age of 7 until 14…I really don’t have anything special to say. Well, maybe just a little bit. If I sound brash…meh..I’m just yapping.

    One he won’t last long in prison, for sure. Two, I agree with the poster (just a little bit) that mentioned that children will lie and can be manipulative SOMETIMES (there are plenty of documented child killers).

    but this case…woah those are a lot of counts and they have a video also. He’s toast. Like burnt toast.

    That 30 year old has got a lot coming to him. But aside from that, it’s a sad case but I’m not shocked at all by it to be honest. Looking at that man’s picture, I feel nothing for him as in, I’m rather indifferent. Like I could say so much about how he is scum or how he is disgusting but meh…

    This stuff goes on all the time. He just got caught. I think the world is strange about stuff like this.

    Most Americans will jump up and down about something like this with the children thing but in places like South America or Mexico , the age thing can drop to as low as 14 and is only bad when it is deceptive rape… and so I wonder…what goes through peoples mind when they agree and disagree on things like this.

    When puberty hits, your body signals and says you’re ready but your mind supposedly isn’t..or is it the way people condition humans from birth that lables them not ready?

    What Im more curious about is the pedo’s history? When did he start having these feelings for Young folks. I’m calling this a fetish (abnormal) for young people.

    Someone asked what does he get out of this? Why would he mess with a child.

    You can ask the same for why do folks do dangerous drugs, have sex or do sexual things in public, cheat, steal, kill. What makes a man want a woman to put on strap on and use it on him? Some are more extreme than others but they can all be classified as abnormal and sick.
    It’s a rush, and it’s exciting for them and it also temporarily fills a void that is within them. They want more and more and it gets worse and worse. People take even more damaging drugs, have more sexual partners, become serial killers..Divorce their wives because they are full blown bottoms now (Sorry Becky..I need a real stroke)…The world we live in today…

  11. I’m so sad about what happened to these children and it makes me sick that men like this give the rest of us a bad name. One time my cousin wanted me to babysit and I was estatic cause I loved the little goober and I was his godfather and I love children dearly and I overheard her stepsister say to her. “You really gonna let him watch Daniel?” And she replies yes. And she retorts “I would never trust no gay night around my kid” 19yr old me decided to never watch anyone’s kids again and it’s sad cause I use to do it for a side hustle and because I really love babies and GOOD kids. Now I’m scared to be left in a room with them cause it terrifies me.

    1. Well dang. That’s crazy especially considering most pedo are straight…lmao and quite a few can be women as well.

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