“Left” Made Me Cry Today

cry-emojii love when animals win.
i also love when the animals in my life win.
if anyone knows me,
they know i will show love to anyone who i feel deserves it.
i’m not like the rest who only take you seriously

after you made it
got connections

well my straight wolf best friend,
achieved something that made me cry…

he bought his first home!

200-77at the ripe age of 28,
he is officially a home owner.
he moved out the concrete forest today and is now in the suburbs.
the crazy part is he has struggled so much.
this time a few years ago
i watched him go from homelessness,
crying to me on the phone,
venting because many jackals and hyenas shitted on him,
to now basking in the joy of “winning”.
we go at it,
and sometimes we stop speaking for a while,
but we always return back to our friendship.
we have come a long way.
he even brought me a box of food when i was unemployed.
i love him and wish him more “wins”.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““Left” Made Me Cry Today”

  1. Congrats to Left. Left, Karaoke, and Pretty Vixen seem like really great friends from what you write about them. Use Left as your motivation, and you will be right there soon buying your house. That’s a huge step buying a house and only at 28 kudos to him.

    1. ^thank you e!
      pose is great as well.
      i have great friends in my life who are doing well.
      i feel so motivated by left today.
      such a powerful blessing he got.
      the house looks so good too.

  2. Congratulations to left that’s a big blessing.I Agree with Eric be inspired by this and remember that your blessing are right around the corner.

  3. That’s amazing! Good for him! That’s a great age to get a house! Cheers to Left! I can’t wait to be in that position one day.

    1. ^i use to visualize with star fox about our dream homes.
      i use to live in that.
      time to start doing that again.
      i hope you achieve your dream soon d!

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