she told him to stop, but he thought rape might have been better (allegedly fonting)

don’t they ever learn?
some males don’t realize that “no means no”.
they get so blinded by lust and that massive hard on,
they forget their lives and careers can be taken away in a second.
that would be the alleged story of bench warming pre baller wolf for lsu,
tae provens.
his massive hard on blinded him into some rape charges via “the advocate“…

A former LSU football player is accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his on-campus apartment last weekend, according to the LSU Police Department.

Freshman running back Alfonso “Tae” Provens was arrested Wednesday and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on a count of third-degree rape. LSU spokesman Ernie Ballard III confirmed Provens’ arrest Wednesday afternoon.

“We take any and all allegations like these seriously, and currently, this is a law enforcement investigation,” Ballard said. “Once the law enforcement component is completed, the Office of Student Advocacy & Accountability and the Title IX office will conduct their investigation as well.”

The rape allegedly occurred early Sunday morning at Provens’ Riverbend Hall apartment after a night of drinking in Tigerland Saturday, his arrest report says.

The woman told police she and her friend went to Provens’ apartment for about an hour and a half around 2 a.m. Saturday. Once there, she said, Provens followed her into his bedroom, where she had gone to use the bathroom, which was attached to the bedroom. At that point, she “blacks out,” the woman told police, explaining that her memory became hazy. The woman said she had been drinking earlier in the night.

She told police the next thing she remembered was her shirt coming off and trying to hold onto her underwear while it was pulled off, the report says. Then, she said, Provens started raping her. He stopped briefly when the woman told him, “no, no, no,” but then he tried to resume. The woman was able to escape, get dressed, and leave.

Officers spoke with a witness who was not in the bedroom during the incident but who saw the woman coming from the bedroom upset, the report says. The witness confronted Provens, who admitted to having sex with the victim but stopped because she was upset.

“Our thoughts go out to the victim in this incident and every resource available through the university is being offered through the LSU CARE Team,” Ballard said.

so he admitted he allegedly raped her?

if someone is saying “no” while you’re fuckin’ them,
chances are that means you’re raping them.
for his possible defense,
i was thinking why somoene could be upset while getting piped.
i’ve never been in the situation where i got upset,
but i know of a vixen who was.
she told my homewolf not to go deep with the dick and he did anyway.
unless it’s too rough or he called someone else’s name.
if all is true from the victim’s pov,
he has lost his credibility and a chance to warm another bench.

lowkey: cute too…

…but stupid.

article cc: the advocate

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “she told him to stop, but he thought rape might have been better (allegedly fonting)”

  1. I swear some of yall Gays can be so thirsty, I’ve seen him on a few blogs….dude is an alleged rapist and currently behind bars. But these kids are talking about him being cute, sexy, or whatever. I’m sure u posted ol boy because of it. C’mon now had she been your vixen friend and a dude who looked similar to his makeup…raped her, I don’t think u would be saying how cute dude is.

    Or would u

    1. You know what’s crazy though Truth…these good-looking dudes out here doing this foolishness (allegedly) when they can damn near have most women throwing it at them. That is what I don’t understand.

        1. Who said it was? I said you have handsome and good-looking guys, that can literally have women throwing themselves at them, but they choose to rape others (allegedly).

          That was all I said, and I’m just using their looks to illustrate a point. Look at this guy, Kellan Winslow, Darren Sharper, just to name a few. All handsome, all with twisted mindsets (allegedly). Hell, even Ted Bundy was a handsome fella. Sick as fuck…but handsome nonetheless. Even had groupies.

          You can’t say that looks don’t figure into it…because sadly they do. I’ve heard women comment on looks when a guy that may have committed a terrible crime, is shown.

    2. Regardless of the crime if you’re good looking then it is what it is women find so criminals attractive look at the red bone guy who’d mug shot pic turned him into a model .

      1. So if he raped and impregnated a 12 year old girl, are u and those of your ilk going to be focus on how good the dude looks. Hmm this is just Thirst behavior to me…..Jeremy Meeks’s crime and his are totally different. Most women dont even spend that much time worrying about a dude’s physical makeup.

        1. ^really truth?
          don’t let your judgment of me cloud your own judgment.
          jeremy meeks is famous right now because of vixens.
          that mugshot was propelled by vixens making him a star.
          his baby’s mother is a rothschild.
          ted bundy had women dressing up as his victims to get chose.
          other serial killers still get letters and fan sites from vixens.


  2. What’s crazy is he is in my hometown. The gag on stuff like this is that there are lots of stuff that goes down…but sometimes….if your active on the team & important…some things may get swept under the rug.

    Anyways, y’all I never imagined how big these dudes are. Y’all be wanting these big ole wolves is like fukin E.Honda from Street Fighter.

    So you know how these college wolves are though…esp from where I’m from..They groom them and pamper them to think they can get whatever they want. These young bulls believe that they can get what they want when they want it and just because they are (or were) a part of the team, they are kings.

    There’s an area not to far from that University called Tigerland…stay up out of there..

    Good night.

    1. you are right in that these University’s pamper these kids. Like you said, if they’re active and important to the team, they get pretty much whatever they want. A friend of mine was telling me that at the University he works at, he looked at the GPA for the Baseball team and the Basketball team. The Baseball team, whose players are primarily white had pretty much high GPA’s…whereas the Basketball team, whose players are mostly black, had minimal GPA’s at best.
      Student tutors complain about having to do work for the players…at the request of the coaching staff.

      You are right, though. These kids get into trouble and it’s swept under the rug. I do agree that these guys are some big boys. Tall, toned, or thick.

  3. His looks are irrelevant regarding his ability to get sex. Rape/sexual assault is about power and control. I’m willing to bet someone violated him as well.

  4. Um so a girl goes to a guys apartment at 2am in the fucking morning to drink and talk. Really? WTF do they think will happen eventually? These young studs only have one thing on their mind SEX, SEX, SEX. I’m sorry but these girls ASK for this bullshit to happen to them. Why on earth are they going to a guys apartment at 2AM to talk ?

    Well let’s see what happens in this case but I have no sympathy for this young lady as she walked into the Hornets nest and expected to come out without stings.. These girls must bear some responsibility just as much as these asshole guys never can control their libido.

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