i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (93)

i could watch prank videos all day.
these are just two of my favorite prank videos:


pranks can lead to hurt feelings.
for some,
it can lead to getting your ass kicked.
the following is a very triggering warning kind of video.
a young vixen played a prank on her boyfriend.
this is the outcome via “hollywood unlocked”

what in the entire fuck????

does a prank lead to that kind of beating???
i’m so disgusted.
i’m sure she didn’t see an issue with it tho.
she ( x turned off all her comments ) while still featuring him.
so ( x did he ) and vice versa:

if that’s love,
i sure TF don’t want it.
pray for these cubs foxhole.

14 thoughts on “i just wanted to do hoodrat shit with my friends (93)

  1. I literally shed real tears at this. This is beyond disturbing. He doesn’t deserve to even be breathing if she had a father. I’m assuming neither of them do with this type of behavior.

  2. Why is a dude callin’ a female a “bro” and knockin’ her around like one? ‘thaentirefuck?

  3. I looked at her ig & she ain’t going nowhere! Maybe its cold hearted but in 2019 I’m no longer having empathy for these vixens who are in toxic/abusive relationships, who has every means to leave but continue to stay, cough.. cough… wendy….
    Ain’t that much love in the world!

  4. I understand the psyche of women….They Hoes! Desperate hoes that will do anything to keep a man…On a serious note. There are different types of women and there are different types of men.

    Women such as Petunia the Punching Bag in the video have low self esteem. She has a pussy and happens to also be in a relationship with one. She represents a small but quickly growing population of current Generation relationship goals…The relationship between a jaw and a fist.

    I wish sometimes I could turn into a female and let a dude come up on me like that. I would whoop his ass, pick up any object and beat that fuk outta him.

    Either way, couples like them disgust me. Straight or Gay. They all represent a dent in humanity & we need to stop giving them the light of day.

    The picture with her on her knees is so disturbing & looks classless and slutty.

    That picture is a Neanderthal selfie. Caveman and cave woman in natural habitat…Ogga! Ogga! Ogga! 👹👹

  5. I couldn’t watch past the second swing. What. The. Fuck. ? it is sad. I hope she can get out while the relationship is still young.

      1. It was a “breakup prank.” This should be a red flag to this young girl and her family that he would have a similar or worse reaction if she tried to leave him. But sadly they’re still together. She clearly doesn’t have a father or brothers in her life. My whole family would be on GoFund Me needing a defense team.

  6. and of course she stays with him. I will never understand the psyche of women that stay with men who treat them like this. He beat her ass like he was wailing on a dude. Ain’t that much love in the world…and if THAT is what he/she considers love, they BOTH need help. smh

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