rico pruitt has something us single foxes don’t

*the following entry is adult content.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

so love can strike you anywhere and anytime.
it doesn’t matter who you are or how much you try to avoid it.
porn/youtube series star,
rico pruitt,
has had a rough couple of years.
he has found love with a fellow porn peer…

Kash Dinero.

they also had another surprise:

how long have they been together?
if it’s only been a month

…but if it’s been longer,
then i say congrats!
has the foundation been set up?
good sex is usually not marriage material.
i hope it works out between these two tho.

they seem happy.

Will their honeymoon be a scene in an upcoming flick?

i mean,
you gotta milk it all for what it’s worth.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “rico pruitt has something us single foxes don’t”

  1. I saw this like a day ago. I thought Rico was still with Arquez but I guess not. If it’s real and honest, I support it. That’s all I’m going to say.

  2. SOOOOO….What da hell?!?!?! What happened to Kash and Deep Dicc??? Where is Arquez??? Last but not least, HUSBAND?!?!?!?! The levels of I can’t with this. Congrats to them or whateva tho

  3. Of course he not with Arquez.. He been gone. I know the webseries they had wasn’t exactly something to brag about but you can tell Arquez was using him as a means to establish a platform & that failed. Also the series they was terrible. Having watched some of the episodes, I never wish I could switch places with Stevie Wonder until then.

    Just now that Arquez was using him…😑

    So ya know…I’m.not going to be that Foxholer bitch and doom the relationship early with him and Kash..I’mma just keep my mouth shut….I might keep glancing at the very first post of this topic while grinning tho.

    I will say this..

    1.) Make sure you love yourself before you comisson the love services of someone else. Learn how to be alone & enjoy yourself.

    2.) Before you find a man. Find some stability. Look, I know Instagram likes and couple goals are cute but the power of love is not gonna keep the lights on if you can’t pay the bills.

    Have a good weekend and enjoy the paychecks tomorrow.

  4. Let me run to the kitchen and get the popcorn ready for the Foxhole, so when the proverbial shit hits the fan we’ll be ready…LMAO.

  5. My mama always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all, so…

    OK, how’s this: they make a cute couple and I wish them the very best. No tea, no shade.

  6. Ok….I’d seen them running together in a few ATL clubs. I thought they were just good girlfriends. Guess I was wrong lol

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