rico pruitt has something us single foxes don’t

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so love can strike you anywhere and anytime.
it doesn’t matter who you are or how much you try to avoid it.
porn/youtube series star,
rico pruitt,
has had a rough couple of years.
he has found love with a fellow porn peer…
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rico pruitt goes back home (signal23tv)

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when someone has done me wrong,
i tend to stay gone
i’ll be cordial if we cross paths,
but i tend to keep my distance.
so in 2017,
rico pruitt accused “signal 23 tv” of doing him wrong.
( x see entry here )
he was the star in their series,
“about him”,
but he left due to not being paid by the producers.
he went on to do other series,
started dating porn star/stripper arquez,
and i thought he was making his bones in other avenues.
well a foxholer sent me this today…
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I’m Unemployed to be LIT Right Now

so remember that web series with rico pruitt that i wrote about?
( x lit the series )?

“LIT follows the young and naive Nehemiah “Nemo” as he journeys from Augusta, GA to Atlanta with aspirations to become a model. After getting accepted into the modeling agency, Nemo is introduced to Gorgious who runs a local strip club. Nemo gets sucked into the life and starts working there and his life begins crashing all around him.”

well episode 1 and 2 is up and ready for your views…

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Rico Pruitt Has An IG Live Rant

this ig live thing…
well rico pruitt had a rant on his ig live.
he addressed all the rumors about why he left “about him”,
all that beef with the director of signal 23 that lead him to do porn.
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Rico Pruitt Is “About BBA”

/the following is parental advisory and nsfw.
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 i was legitimately shocked about this,
but one of the f-bi told me:

“the show was pretty much porn tho…”

so rico pruitt is not “about him” anymore.
he is “about that porn life” now.
rico has a debut scene on “black boy addictionz” and…
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