I’m Unemployed to be LIT Right Now

so remember that web series with rico pruitt that i wrote about?
( x lit the series )?

“LIT follows the young and naive Nehemiah “Nemo” as he journeys from Augusta, GA to Atlanta with aspirations to become a model. After getting accepted into the modeling agency, Nemo is introduced to Gorgious who runs a local strip club. Nemo gets sucked into the life and starts working there and his life begins crashing all around him.”

well episode 1 and 2 is up and ready for your views…


they should have put those first two episodes for free.
build a buzz and then charge for the rest.
i guess they think we are thirsting for sex scenes.
we might,
but if it’s wack sauce and we paid…
…that’s going to be a legit problem.

Which Foxholer is gonna watch and bring us back a review?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “I’m Unemployed to be LIT Right Now”

    1. or pornhub. They got some episodes of “About Him” and “About Justin” on Pornhub right now.

  1. Honestly, I’m not interested in softcore twink porn. I mean these little boiz need to learn that there’s more to sex than the basic ass eating, str8 up butt fucking, dick sucking, and sounding like an underage teenage boy in those scenes. Rico Pruitt is beautiful and young. He deserves everything in this world, but he doesn’t deserve my coins. Now I’m not saying he wasn’t looking good or isn’t a good actor but he isn’t getting my attention or none of his co-stars. I mean look at them! They look like underage and very horny and stupid asf!

  2. It didn’t catch me when I first saw the trailer, I am glad he was able to bounce back and find another series but I’ll pass.

  3. I’m probably late af but did you catch the Aconnectiontv interview with the creator of About Him discussing Rico? Very interesting though not terribly surprising.

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