Rico Pruitt Has An IG Live Rant

this ig live thing…
well rico pruitt had a rant on his ig live.
he addressed all the rumors about why he left “about him”,
all that beef with the director of signal 23 that lead him to do porn.
this is the video an f-bi sent me with commentary from “the wiley show”


this is all very sad to me.
from the ig live,
the commentary,
and the whole situation.
this is something that needs to be handled in private,
but it’s spilling into the social media forests.
did rico sign a contract?
this is all being handled so messy.
this really should have been handled in court.
i will agree with the dangers of doing porn if you want to be an actor.
he shouldn’t have done it from a business perspective.
it’s one thing to do a love scene,
but once he has busted it wide open for dicks to be jacked off too

black folks need to understand how the entertainment business works.
some of us are in such a rush to flex,
but end up fuckin up in the long run.
even not knowing much of the story,
as soon as rico did porn,
i knew that was a terrible business decision.
now he will be stuck in a box as “porn star”.
not “aspiring actor in a successful youtube show”.
if he wanted to do porn,
then fine.
that is a personal decision.
just know that porn stars have a end date.
there is always someone hotter and sexier.
unless he plans on going into directing,
then it will be a tougher road ahead.
as blacks,
we cannot compare ourselves to:

rico needed a mentor.
everyone has something to say…

…But could no one give him that advice in the video commentary?

lowkey: rico seems nice.
i don’t get a bad vibe.
i get gullible and naive tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

30 thoughts on “Rico Pruitt Has An IG Live Rant

  1. I 100% agree with everything you said. Not to mention that that BBA site is run by a gross creepy ass white guy who regularly exploits and fetishizes young naive black boys. This situation is a mess all around

  2. Jamari, I agree with you 100%. Once you go porn, you almost never can go back to being a “legitimate” actor. “About Him” and “About Justin” gave him legitimate entree into the acting field. Did he blow it by doing porn? My guess is “Yes”. What was he thinking? Who was he listening to? Was he so much in need for the little money that he likely got? And $10,000 or $15,000 is a little money.

    Best Wishes to him

    1. ^people really gotta stop listening to those who say:

      DO IT!”

      …without really being invested in you.
      i don’t care how long it takes this site to blow up,
      i will continue to work on my writing and produce.
      rico was an actor.
      he could have transitioned into a tyler perry production with the right contacts.
      instead of doing porn,
      he should have invested in an acting coach to perfect his craft.

  3. Hopefully he will bounce back from all this and go back to acting. I’m definitely not judging, but he does need someone to guide him in the right direction. I met him last year in ATL and he seemed real quiet and standoffish. He’s young He’ll bounce back!

    1. ^he’ll bounce back into a porn career.
      he could get casted in a real sexually driven youtube series.
      being in a legit show tho…
      he would have to work extra hard and then have that scrubbed off the net.

      i say go back to school and invest in self.

  4. I cannot watch the whole thing. I was frustrated watching the first minute. All of this is sad if you ask me.

  5. This actually kind of reminds me of the time Stahr milan and the guys that worked for him had that falling out except it was about him using them. I think that’s sad because he seems very naive and so did they and were being used.

    This is such a huge mess and bad for business, I hope for the best for him still even though I didn’t care for him at first I just feel bad because he was put in a shitty situation and assumed he could trust somebody and thought he could also enjoy himself. I do remember he had a gofundme at one point that was for him going to school but I don’t know where that is.

    1. ^it seems like there was no money to be made from this whole thing.
      it was a great opportunity,
      but this is the perfect example why blacks need to start knowing business better.
      it isn’t about flexing on social media and getting gassed for likes and comments.

      once this “high” runs dry,
      what is the next steps?
      he can’t get fucked all his life.

  6. I don’t think his acting ambitions are necessarily dead. People are capable for forgiving a misstep or two. He just should step back from porn to try to reinvest himself into acting. If he gets enough work, this will eventually get buried,especially seeing how fickle the porn audience is.

  7. Jamari weren’t those shows like softcore porn in any case? I mean that leaked scene with him and Barandon in the parking lot . I feel like alot more went down and things went sour. Brandon got out while he could.I think it all started to go downhill from the time that scene was leaked.

  8. Anything is possible, while I’m sure he could get another web series role or even on a reality show it will be very difficult to get legitimate acting roles after he’s done porn.

    Yes the web series he has done have shown a lot but the sex scenes were always acted out.

    P.S. I could see him being a YouTuber or even a porn actor if he can get with a better studio but it hard for men of color. I can’t name too many that have successfully been able to make a name for themselves in the gay porn industry for long periods of time.

    Good luck to him in whatever he decides to do.

  9. Honestly, I didn’t think anyone was getting paid for these projects. These are not big, mega production companies. We don’t have that type of pull quite yet (in the community) where our projects are being funded by huge budgets and production companies. I figured that these actors signed on to be on these shows to build up their acting portfolio in order to get other gigs in the future while brushing up on their acting skills. I didn’t have a job the entire time while filming? No McDonalds, Chick-Fil-A, or anything!?

    I feel his pain because we all struggle, but he may need to take a step back and do some self reflection on what he really wants out of his career because the porn thing was not a good idea if he wants to be a serious actor. Hell, I didn’t watch “About Justin,” but judging from the previews, I don’t even know if that was a good idea…

    1. ^i respect issa rae’s hustle.
      she went from youtube show to HBO.
      Anything can be possible,
      But blacks have to work harder than our white counterparts.
      being gay is even worse.

  10. Not watching that video…can someone give me the gist of it?

    In any event, from the clips I’ve seen most of these dudes in the youtube series are pure eye candy and not particularly talented.

    Sorry, but I can’t muster up much sympathy for someone that would rather make quick money making impetuous decisions rather than grind at a 9-5 like the rest of us and work towards their dreams on the side.

      1. No. Sympathy.

        I’m getting sick and tired of people shrugging off responsibility and they expect everyone else to carry them. At some point you have to grow up.

        This Gofundme shit is out of hand. I’m not dragging into work everyday to donate to you because you don’t want to work and have no 401K, Health Insurance, or Life Insurance so your family can bury your ass if a tragedy happens. You want to go to school? Apply for FAFSA and take out loans like the rest of us.

        Let’s say he got paid 15K, which I honestly doubt, that’s not a lot of money to me, especially if you have no savings or earning potential.

        Taking a leap of faith to follow your dreams in fine, but you need to make sure your ass is covered.

  11. I’m sorry but y’all tripping like fuck…Rico is cute n all as has a nice Lil fan base in the urban gay community but let’s be real …he was not gonna be some huge actor , how you are introduced into the game is how you stay…he already showed his whole dick in the infamous about him clip…even when gay celebs crossover nobody really supports ….Jussie Smollet he released a single … No one cared. Laverne Cox had a Olivia Popish starring role a new show…no one watched …it got canceled….so Rico went back to doing what he was probably doing before the fame which is sex work …it is what it is

  12. Didn’t watch the video but straight for the comments…Im finding out a lot about that website he did it on. BBA… Interesting how these companies prey on young men. I HOPE his dreams eventually come true.

  13. maybe its just me but I dont agree. I think that Steven Beck, and Flashman Wade are doing well. They are cast in Hollywood, and they are also not broke. Not to mention Arquez moved to fitness. I honestly think that if people dont agree with what hes doing you dont have to bash him. Especially considering we all watch the seen and thought it was sexy.

    All I am saying is lets not condemn his learning experience and actually help him if that is in fact what we genuinely want to do. He is human and at some point we get feed up but we are mature, NOW to know that isnt always the best option but its not immature for his to expess himself.

  14. Nobody made him do porn… nor did they make him do that porn-like scene that originally made him go viral. He’s grown. He’s responsible for himself and he needs to quit playing the victim.

    1. I hear what people are saying, but is BBA that much different than giving a random piece of trade $20 to suck him up or buying him a sack to get him to bone? Lots of dudes have sex for money or trade sex for weed and they feel like they’re getting over on the “trick”. I’ve personally dealt with sides like that (not because I’m ugly and can’t get a piece, but because I’m lazy and don’t want to work for it). Have I taken advantage of certain situations to get what I want. Of course I have, but the guys knew what was up and most times thought of me as the dumb one. It makes it more difficult to swallow (pun intended) when it’s a white dude, but it is what it is. I know the owner of BBA and while he does catch guys in somewhat vulnerable situations, he has been known to help them out more than most companies. I do feel sorry for the “Ricos” though because their futures are compromised and most likely, will head into a downward spiral from there. Unfortunately young people make poor decisions in their youth that have lifetime consequences. The saddest part is that these consequences live on forever through social media. The “walk of shame” never really ends because years from now people will still be able to see what you did. I pray that Rico Pruitt can find his way out of this black hole, but I hope that this may teach others to be careful of easy money and false fame.

  15. One of his co stars on About Him, Gary Lavard(Vincent) had a small role on Greenleaf last night.That role may lead to more work on OWN. I am sure Gary was offered porn roles.It’s about personal choices.Rico has to live with the choice he made, we all do.Good Luck to him

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