RIP Cedrick Wilcox


CUXzyH8VAAEV8wWremember ( x this wolf )?
his name is cedrick wilcox and i’ve featured him a couple times.
well the foxvine let me know he was killed in a car accident last night.
i am actually saddened to hear this news.
i literally thought about him the other day.
he leaves behind a beautiful cub,
a huge family,
and dreams to play in the nfl.
may he rip.

Cedrick Wilcox Does “Mugshot” and “Body” Well

10363513_1544560892437748_7400199084287229233_ndo you remember him?
well i do.
( x here is a reminder )
i could not forget and i wanted more.
not a lot of readers liked him tho.
well what a coinky dink one of my f-bi wanted to give me a refresher.
i love my f-bi.
everyone meet cedrick wilcox
(god i had a couple good “cox” jokes just rushed to my head)…
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