Baller Bottoms UP.

You know I love a fine football player.

I mean,
if you are a faithful reader, you should already know who my TOP Wolf is.
(and btw, my TOP Wolf has alot of admirers these days. Kudos baby…)

But as of late,
I am getting word that alot of these ballers are bottoms.
Getting tackled in their tight ends on and off the field.
I must say,
it has me feeling rather…. confused.

You look at a man like that,
like Devin Thomas or Adrian Peterson,
all big and ready to put a hole on a field,
and then you come to find out that that person would rather have a hole put in him.

Does this mean that my fantasies are really just Foxes, instead of Wolves?

I have a few spies that keep me in the know.
They send me various email accounts of who is doing what and who I should be aiming for.
I keep getting emails and all I am seeing is “bottom, bottom, oh and he is a bottom”.

it seems that alot of these players want to manhandle a dick the same way I would.
It leaves me stumped.
I know that gay men come in all shapes and sizes but when you are that shape and that size,
you expect him to be inside me; giving me the old college try.

Are there anymore strict tops anymore?
I keep wondering as they all seem to be fat balding 40 somethings,
who drive nice cars and living in beautiful homes.
They are preying for bottoms like me…. or even a “Braylon Edwards”.
…not to mention physically unappealing and just not my speed.

Has the roles been reversed?
That thug looking dude or masculine black man is really dick dumpin.
That feminine dude or flaming queen is dick throwin’.

I remember a few years back,
I had alot of options as far as TOPS are concerned.
I was like a TOP pimp in this gay whorehouse.
it seems like ther are more bottoms roaming the earth.
But now,
we are taking over the football field in avengance.

So my question is,
who is bending over our muscular fantasies?
Other muscular fantasies and do they only want other muscular fantasies?
(whoa headache…)

And can I just say I would literally be sick if I found out my TOP Wolf wanted to be dicked himself.
Leaving me wondering if I wasted precious time on a gentle man.

*bleck* I feel sick thinking about it.

Have you met a TOP that was your fantasy?
Baller or not…

Later Foxes

7 thoughts on “Baller Bottoms UP.

  1. My most significant boyfriend was a STRICT top and he was my fantasy come to life. Needless to say after him… its been nothing but Im “versatile” which, to me, translates to “bottom who will top out of loneliness but im really looking for some trade to settle down with.” And when you said “I keep wondering as they all seem to be fat balding 40 something”… i had to do a lap around the house. i SWORE i was the ONLY PERSON who noticed that!! Every strict top i meet is someone’s ancestor trying to holla. Eh eh. No sir! But yeah, a lot of the finest ones are bottoms. Look at Chris(tina) Brown. No one can tell me she ain’t gettin her back blown out. And a lot of them do want other masculine, alpha male, men just like we do. Its why they’re in such short supply these days and a lot of the gurls have to put on this “trade” act to try and hook one. And if Devin Thomas ever came out as a bottom…. i think id go into priesthood and devote my life to a high cause because honestly…. there would be absolutely no hope left for any of us.

    1. LOL. You played Chris….tina. I heard through the dens that Bow Wow was beating that. Who knows because he was walking around with Omarion.

    2. And I totally agree with you and your comment. I hate how all the strict tops are so…. ewwww. I want a strict top who epitomizes a “stict top” but I am sure he has flung that dick all over town and painted it red and sperm in the process.

      And if Devin Thomas turned out to be a bottom, I will literally kick his ass and join you in the faith. He needs to be a TOP at ALL TIMES. Maybe I will meet a hot monk and live happily ever after.

  2. I got one, not trying to brag. It’s something soooo sexy abotu a dude who is a strict top. I mean, I can joke around and touch his ass but when we have sex, we both know who is getting fucked. LOL!

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