Ray Edwards Strips Down… For His Big Print

Ray has been a favorite in the Foxhole for quite a while.
We like Ray and his wonderful see thru manties he teased us with last year.
Yes Ray, we wanted more of that…

Anyway, Ray has a surprise for everyone.

TMZ … Take it away…

Cam Newton should consider himself lucky … ’cause the Carolina Panthers QB was wrapped up by a REAL-LIFE MODEL last weekend … when Atlanta Falcons stud Ray Edwards sacked his ass.

Edwards has become the latest pro athlete to strip down for a skin-baring photo session … all for an upcoming, fully waxed 2012 calendar.

Sources tell TMZ, Edwards hasn’t completely decided if he wants to pursue a modeling career — so he took these photos to “test the waters.”

If the calendar sells, Edwards says he’ll think more seriously about a career change — although it’s not like he needs the money … dude just signed a 6-year $30 million contract.

Imagine this big slab of meat keeping you warm at night?
I’d make him do a little dance for me first…

You better shake that money maker before you crawl up in this bed…
I like my Wolves to put in some work before they get paid in cakes.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Ray Edwards Strips Down… For His Big Print

  1. He is sssoooooo fine!! That’s husband right there. With all the camera phone pictures he was talking of himself and the attention they got, it was only a matter of time.

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