60 Is The New Smashable?


This man is 60?????
Well you know what they say: black don’t crack…

My thing is this…
And I know my Foxes already know where I am going…
But what if you start to get into the groove,
and he complains that you hurt his hip?
Can he really throw it… or throw his back out?
And would I have to provide him with Viagra every time?

Either way…
I will take him AND that SSI check.

If he was in the lifestyle,
would Foxes or Wolves like them even for his age?
You know this lifestyle is VERY age oriented and for some idiots,
25 means you are having a mid life crisis.
Which is weird because there is a new hot batch of 30 and up that is running the online game now.

Age is seriously just a number.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “60 Is The New Smashable?”

  1. If the rest of him looks like that there, he could get it. He’d likely teach me some new tricks…
    If anything, he looks better now than he did in the 70s. Or he could introduce me to one of his sons…who probably looks prepubescent lolol

    1. beats me…

      I think its a mind thing really…looking at the pictures he seems to carry himself or consider himself “young” which could be the key ingredient in the way he looks or feels, but of course coupled with good exercise, eating right and loads of intercourse. Mental succession is a great way to get ahead in this life, proven fact.

  2. He looks amazing. I’m 39 and Im often mistaken for 29. It’s really not that hard, folks. Workout, eat healthy (steamed veggies,no salt, skinless chicken thighs/breasts, lots of water) and take of your skin. Brothas already have the raw materials (good genes). We just gotta maintain it.

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