Lay Down Some Rubber (10)

I like THICK meat.
Doesn’t it just roll off your tongue nicely?
In more ways than 1…

Well, I got two fellas who I’m interested to find out who you would choose…


… but, out of the two,
who would you lay down some rubber for?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber (10)”

  1. Both are fine. I’m gunna have to go with Bachelor on the left partly because I’ve seen him around the blogs for so long. Plus, i feel like he’d be more likely to be into me than the one on the right. From my experience, guys who look like the one on the right tend to have a preference for lighter skin. You all can come at me on some “you don’t know that for sure” but from what i’ve seen that tends to be the case.

  2. the one on the left..i have seen pics of him on the blogs wearing less and his thighs and hips (yes hips) are insane

  3. They are Brothers so the fineness runs in the family Jerrid Gaines on the Left is in the NFL played for the Bengals and Jerrod Gaines on the right is a Model both from Atlanta and why choose….

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