Round 2? (Usher Is The One Getting A Bumpy Ride)

 when it rains it may just cause a tsunami.
ain’t that right,
his alleged “fucking” habit,
with that alleged bumpy situation,
may end up costing him more bread from hoes everywhere.
another one has come forward with a lawsuit.
this is what tmz had to say…

Usher had sex with a woman earlier this year who had no idea he was exposing her to Herpes … according to a new lawsuit she’s filed for millions of dollars.

According to the suit, filed by a Jane Doe, she and Usher hooked up in Atlanta on April 16 at her home. She says there was some heavy petting, some kissing, and she performed oral sex on him. They eventually had intercourse, and she says he wore a condom.

However, in the docs, she says they had sex again 12 days later — this time in a New Orleans hotel room — and they did not use a condom.

Cut to this month … when Jane Doe says she read news reports about Usher admitting in docs, connected to an earlier legal case, that he has Herpes Simplex 2.

In this new suit, the woman does not say she’s infected. She is concerned because she was “exposed” and says she wouldn’t have had sex with Usher if he’d disclosed he has the virus.

She’s suing “U.R. IV” — Usher Raymond IV — for negligence, battery and emotional distress … and is seeking at least $10 million in damages.

his social media notifications are definitely off this weekend.

this is a whole mess.
  you know how much vixens he probably smashed over the years?
how much were probably unprotected because he is “usher”?
not to mention he did all this while married?
i’m sure he didn’t tell these vixens about his alleged issue.
is this really a case tho?
she didn’t catch anything and is sure probably for a payout.
either way,
it’s not good to usher right about now.
it might be time to release a good song to distract everyone.

lowkey: the good news about this is that i started listening to his music again.
here i stand = eh
raymond vs raymond = double eh
looking 4 myself = 50/50

article cc: tmz

8 thoughts on “Round 2? (Usher Is The One Getting A Bumpy Ride)

  1. Okay first of all Usher you really need to get your shit checked out instead of walking around infecting these girls. Second this is why you ask for STIs & STDs and if you feel you want to still fuck him after finding out protect yourself.

  2. The always handsome Tameka said she’s “good”, so that’s all I care abou…hallelujah, praise Him!

  3. I am really shocked that after paying one woman over a million dollars in 2012 for not disclosing he has herpes.He would get married again in 2015 and unprotected sex with another women and not disclose he has herpes.I don’t think she has a case if she didn’t contract herpes from him.But there is no doubt in my mind there are others contacting lawyers right now.I am guessing his wife probably has herpes and I guess she accepts that he is going to screw groupies.SMH😒

  4. These dumb ass women having sex with all these celebrities, women know they get around and yet they think they’re that special someone.

    1. So is suing the new come up for these new age vixens now days? They not trying to have babies (well other than Chyna) Like they see one get a big pay off now everybody got to get fed,

    2. I don’t understand the rationale on both parties involved. WHY would you go at it raw with someone you don’t even know?! In this day and age, god knows who the other person has engaged in sex with…let alone what sexual acts they may have committed/performed. It’s crazy.

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