Chris Brown Gets “No Entry”

tumblr_nk9c6cPrCM1rirxvyo1_1280see what i did there with the title and the picture?
*insert devil emoji*
its been a week of all “chris brown” ‘rything.
its been great for my line of business.
anyway it looks like all of the canadian foxhole will miss out.
chris has been denied entry up north.
this is what he tweeted before deleted

okchrisi’m not gonna lie.
i immediately thought:

DrakeMeanMug….was behind the banishment.
not saying drake has that power,
but those are his people up there.
po’ christopher maurice.
i wonder what the real story is tho?
i guess we will stay tuned for more ranting and raving to find out.

lowkey: tremaine was up there with no issues:
Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.19.06 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 12.19.19 PMhe ain’t had to be shady tho…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Gets “No Entry””

  1. I think Chris Brown has his period or something cause lately he’s just being an asshole for no reason. But I’m glad he can’t perform because he’s getting on my last nerve.

    1. Hasn’t he become really mean as of late?
      His comments about Rihanna on The Breakfast club were disturbing
      He really isn’t that handsome
      And I am sick of him saying he is the hottest out right now
      Yeah, you are but its only due became YOUNG R&B music is DYING
      He cannot shift the units Drake does and cannot come out with a cohesive body of work to save his life so he needs to quit saying that cus all his songs sound the same.

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