Chris Brown Gets “No Entry”

tumblr_nk9c6cPrCM1rirxvyo1_1280see what i did there with the title and the picture?
*insert devil emoji*
its been a week of all “chris brown” ‘rything.
its been great for my line of business.
anyway it looks like all of the canadian foxhole will miss out.
chris has been denied entry up north.
this is what he tweeted before deleted
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AMAS: Where Pussy Dominated The Night It Seemed?

i wish i got to watch the amas with everyone last night.
you know i would have live tweeted the f out that joint.
well i was in mid air with no abc on that direct tv joint.
like how you gonna have every regular channel BUT abc?
well i just have to say i watched some of the performances and jlo did that.
she even had justin timberlake getting his fan girl on:

tumblr_mwtxw8Rjyj1s2usi4o4_400you know its good when a wolf is acting like that.
i also thought rihanna did good as well.
icon award?
yup this is still a beyonce and rihanna ran world.
everyone is saying katy perry is racist for her performance.
i gotta watch that next to see what all the hub bub is about.
im still in the middle of watching the rest of them.

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