Faces of Evil

evilpeoplehow can republican mitch mcconnell put a thumbs up like that?
so evil aka the republicans denied an extension on all forms of unemployment.
they all voted down to reinstate it for the millions.
fan meet shit?…

 Legislation to bring back unemployment insurance for over a million long-term jobless Americans failed to clear the Senate on Tuesday, leaving no clear path forward.

Republicans complained Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) wouldn’t let them try to amend the legislation, and Reid responded that Republicans had been whining about procedure to obscure their opposition to restoring the benefits.

“The question is: Are Republican filibustering unemployment benefits or are they not?” Reid said on the Senate floor before the vote.

“This has obviously been fixed,” countered Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.).

Benefits lapsed for 1.3 million workers on Dec. 28, thanks to congressional inaction. Each week since the lapse, another 70,000 laid off workers reach the end of their state benefits, which in most cases last six months, and find that the federal benefits that previously helped millions of workers won’t be helping them. Lawmakers knew about the looming deadline for a whole year but did nothing until it was too late.

Senate Democrats had a different take. Walking briskly outside the chamber, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said that Republican leadership had changed their demands.

“They said the reasons they have blocked bills is because they don’t get amendments,” he said. “We are giving them amendments and they are still blocking the bills.”

So is unemployment insurance definitely dead in the Senate?

“No,” he said. “I think it will get worked out.”

i was all prepared to write a great entry about my day,
even about ursovain‘s return to me,
but this has me feeling all kinds of emo.
reading the ( x comments ) of all the people who are now on suicide watch got to me.
there are so many others who are in the red zone,
feeling absolutely hopeless,
and ready to end it all.
its sad.
i feel absolutely sick to my stomach.
how does one remain positive in times like this?
listening to
this on repeat:

lowkey: god has a trick up his sleeve for me.
i pray he does.

article: the huffington post

8 thoughts on “Faces of Evil

  1. I cannot even begin to put into words my disgust for our elected leaders. Republikkkans have no good in their blood and the Democratic leadership is spineless and scared to stand up to them. The tea party kooks have taken over talking about Revolution and sadly they may be on to something but of course their revolution involves getting rid of anybody who is not white and christian. We only have ourselves to blame because we wont take to the streets like they do in other countries, until we do and get up in these leaders faces things are not going to change. I dont know where the “haves” think they are going to go when the “have-nots” are hungry and tired of being denied. So many people sit back and think that it cant happen to them but its only a matter of time for you with jobs and income before you become us without, its like our system is now designed to work you like a slave, pay you as little as possible, and what they do pay you, they wont you to turn it back over to them, you are SOL if you get sick or cant work or cant find a job, the prevailing message is so what, let them eat cake.

    1. ^everyone in this entry was spot on.
      they don’t care about us.
      i bet you they will be getting paid and taking endless vacas,
      all while supplying their gold diggers/twinks with that they need.
      it’s like my spirit is fighting between optimistic and pessimistic.
      optimistic for the win.

  2. I know many people are prob devastated and distraught over this. People hustling their butts looking for work only to be dismissed, and having to feel the pressure from the bill collectors, landlords etc. Again, I cannot imagine how that shit must feel, but my heart goes out to everyone tho.

  3. Dean has hit the nail on the head. These dumb ass, poor as whites in Appalachia and the Deep South vote against their own interests due to their blinding racism which makes them think they are keeping the blacks and latinos from getting anything.

    However, all is not lost. There is action we may all take. Many of us probably have relatives, friends, classmates, frat brothers, former lovers, pieces, trade, etc., in the red states which have Republican governors, members of Congress, as well as in the state legislatures. Telephone, email, text, use snail mail, send messages and post on Facebook calls to all our relations to contact their elected officials in those states to restore unemployment benefits.

    Unemployment is not a handout. It is Unemployment Insurance. It was deducted from your paycheck; you have paid for it and deserve it! It’s the same as having health insurance. You get into an accident, go to the hospital/doctor, your health insurance pays the bill.

    This all shows the power of demagoguery. Hitler was short, brunette and part Jewish. He told the Germans they were the master race because they were tall, blond and blue-eyed, and they followed him!

    Jamari, I don’t know if you have relatives in the South, but contact your kind friend in Florida. Tell her to throw out the racist governor and Senator Rubio, and tell her to contact her relatives in Alabama to do the same there.

    If our people spent half the time taking measures like these that they spend on Facebook discussing the latest episode of Sandal or those reality shows, we could overcome this madness. For anyone who does not know his/her Member of Congress — senator or representative — simply call Congress and give the zipcode; they will give you the member’s name and contact information. It’s that simple.

    We must understand we are in a state of war. The other side hates us and does not rest. Jerry Butler had a hit record years ago called “Only the Strong Survive.” on Planet Earth

  4. This fucked up! I agree with Dean 100%, this all happen because people were too lazy and too stupid and too ignorant. Maybe I should become a republican to have money. No joke, but only rich people seem to be republicans and I’m tired of being poor.

  5. Who to blame: Blame the hundreds of thousands of people who don’t vote and say things like “My vote don’t count anyway” and “The winner has already been picked” and then sit on their thumbs. Also blame the fools that are manipulated into voting against their own interest because of their dislike of “the gays”, “the blacks”, “abortion”, “people on welfare”, “people against guns”, etc. A fool/sucker is born every day.

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