DL Lakers Baller Wolf Dribbles His Balls Down His Back Court?

tumblr_lwflmylIJo1qcmnsoo1_500ya know,
i am fiending hard body for “a big breakfast” from mcdonalds.
anyway so one of my f-bi sent me something that i had to post before walking out the door.
allegedly its a dl nba baller wolf who plays for the lakers,
sliding in and out of some good wet cal state dl pre baller foxhole.
you already know its nsfw,
and “for straight eyes only”





2qinr0gheres the thing…
yes it could just be 2 baller wolves caught out there.
well his pipe and vocals.
as we can see from “baller wolf’s past”,
they can be sloppy when it comes to the booty.
in more ways than one.
should you get your hopes up?
maybe not.
many gays today are super dehydrated for some shine.
i see it on tumblr all the time.
they will title something:


…when in fact it was the next door neighbor,
who kinda looks like “ya know what guy?” who plays for the lakers.
i’m glad it wasn’t a full exposure,
but there is “no harm; no foul” in the “what if?”….

kobe-bryant-ignores-chris-rock-olowkey: yup thats it.
i’m getting a big breakfast today.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “DL Lakers Baller Wolf Dribbles His Balls Down His Back Court?”

  1. I saw this a couple of days ago.I dont believe any DL Lakers player is stupid enough to record their voice while having sex with a guy.Its too easy to figure out who it is based on complexion,lack of tattoos,voice.Dont teams only have 12 players?

    1. 15 at the most on each roster, but 12 are allowed to play in each game.That doesn’t even matter though. It is not hard to figure out who this is supposed to be. Only black Lakers superstar is Kobe. I don’t think it’s him.

  2. Why do people think it is a huge deal to snag an athlete? I just want to know, it seems small and petite to me. Men will fuck anything, especially athletes. Kobe Bryant is a dog, and sleeping with him is nothing to brag about. He is just a few notches lower than D Wade.

    Yea, there is a few athletes I want to land, but it is not that serious, it may be serious to those who need reassurance of their self worth and security tho. People are sadder than I thought. No one validates who I am.

    1. @TheMan… ITA. I think it’s similar to the “popular kids” in high school and even in some colleges today. Everybody wants to be somebody but not everybody has the talent, looks, social status, clothes, smarts or whatever other superficial things we value to become that nigga/bitch on campus so what better way to do it by snagging someone who has everything you wanted for yourself.
      I’m in college and the shit I see with people sucking up to athletes is ridiculous. It’s mainly females but I have seen some “straight” dudes that are always up an athlete’s ass trying to get some kind of recognition for being associated with someone that plays sports or goes to all the hottest parties on campus.

      I just feel like people need to get their own self-worth and understand that being know or popular for superficial shit doesn’t mean shit.

      SN: TF? If you are supposedly fucking a Lakers player why the fuck aren’t you using a condom when you know that most pro ball players fuck a lot of groupies who have God knows what kind of diseases. Smh.

      It’s sad that some people lose all self-worth and respect (if they had any) just for one night with a “baller” because of some shit like they have more money or status than you.

      Get Ya Mind Right!

  3. it’s not Kobe he is clean shaven below the belt. The voice is not reconized as an Laker by a friend who is a broadcaster.

    1. @Third: know anything about the SF receiver playing in the NFC championship this wknd? “fashion is his passion”… Not referring to VD.

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