The Game Is The New Oprah Winfrey This Week

tumblr_mpyiqp7wu61qk1owmo1_500the game can’t sit with us.
well he can sit with me,
but he ain’t sitting in houston’s restaurant in pasedena.
all because of a couple issues he has.
guess what it is…

GameThe Game, whose actual name is Jayceon Taylor, reportedly visited Houston’s, a pricey eatery with an established reputation for first-class service, for lunch. Sporting a pair of slacks and a tank top, the performer’s tattoos on his face, torso, and arms were reportedly in full view.

According to the 33-year-old rapper, the temperature at the time of the incident was 90 degrees, which was why he reportedly decided to wear a tank top. When the Game tried to get a table at Houston’s, he was allegedly denied service by the restaurant’s manager who then told him that the exposed body ink was a threat to his customers who were dining.

he wore a… tank top with slacks?
they probably thought he was some broke hoodrat.
they probably didn’t know who he was.
luh you jt.
can i get a shot of this outfit please?
well he tweeted about what happened:

thegametwitter tumblr_mnttixNIo41s8s7m0o1_500maybe he can have a sit down on OWN and trade racism war stories with oprah.

story source: news one

Author: jamari fox

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4 thoughts on “The Game Is The New Oprah Winfrey This Week”

  1. Come on son…
    Everything in not about race. Houston’s has the right to deny service if you’re dressed inappropriately. Houston’s is not KFC…wear your tank top there. Clearly they give no fucks about your celebrity or coinage…and I have to go with Houston’s on this one. You have to set standards and make people rise to your level…that goes for every aspect of life

  2. Regardless if they have one or not people need to learn to cover all that art on their body. If it is a high end establishment carry yourself with dignity and respect for others!

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