i got the hook-up and i’m MAD AF about it!

when ( x catch ) first opened,
the pretty vixen got a special invite.
this is around the time when i first met her.
she didn’t know that her old manager was working there too.
he ended up giving us the hook-up on maaaaad deserts.
they had to be wheeled out.
we ended up tipping him very well just for that.
depending on the black folks you don’t know in service settings,
you can end up getting a hook-up on food or products too.
it can be an unspoken rule depending on if you were cool and lucky.
this black jackal claimed he was racially profiled cause he got the hook-up at a restaurant…

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The Game Is The New Oprah Winfrey This Week

tumblr_mpyiqp7wu61qk1owmo1_500the game can’t sit with us.
well he can sit with me,
but he ain’t sitting in houston’s restaurant in pasedena.
all because of a couple issues he has.
guess what it is…

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Sit Me In The Back Please

I close my eyes and I open them to what I so uniquely imagine….

I am sitting in a restaurant.
I’m in a black booth with red leather seats.
It is shaped like a dysfunctional cupcake.
I am far in the back.
I’m not the type to be all in the front.
That is where it is easy access for everyone to bother and stare at me.
I despise people staring at me.
I am in a special VIP seating where only the big ballers pay.
I was one of those big ballers at last….

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