so i watched j.lo’s “this is me… now” musical and well…

When she danced with this hummingbird,
I nearly puked

i forgot this jlo musical,
this is me… now“,
came out today on amazon prime.

i had night terrors after what what i was gonna see.
so my thoughts

I don’t know if I’m just not in the place of love but I thought it was “eh”.

in a nutshell,
it was jlo getting her heart broken in a motorcycle crash (???).
i guess it was supposed to represent a past love crashing and burning.
she goes through many wolves before realizing she needs to be heal herself.
through the help of the Gods of the zodiac,
shadow work,
fat joe as a therapist,
and a hummingbird
she realizes she is the issue with her toxic love situations all along.

Ya don’t say?

so the love in this story is her loving herself.
i highly doubt it with her shenanigans ever since she got with ben but go off.

I did like when she healed her inner child,
being tied to an abusive male until you cut what ties you together,
and performed the dance number in Love Addiction Anonymous about being broken and loving a broken man.

it was aight.
nothing i’ll watch again tbh.
did we need this?
probably not.
it was too…
it felt like a uno reverse version of her movie,
the cell.

i felt like she was holding back on spilling the entire teapot on the store.

I will font that I did like she opened the door for more artists do this as well.

most of the current talent only make content for tiktok but…
imagine bey coming out with something like this for act ii?
drake for one of his projects?
ariana for her new roll out?
nicki with full chaos?

i would font taylor but we get enough of her atp.
this is the type of content we live to indulge in.

lowkey: keke palmer,
jenifer lewis,
jane fonda,
sofia vergara,
post malone,

i think that was the white vixen from scream queens (???),
and trevor noah were def the standouts as the zodiac Gods.

i enjoyed their scenes the most.

3 thoughts on “so i watched j.lo’s “this is me… now” musical and well…

  1. I thought Beyonce was going to go this route with the visual album, but I was wrong. Janelle Monae does this with her albums.

    I think J Lo is at her best when she acts, not when she sings. And many of her songs would sound better if someone else sang them.

  2. Jamari, I thought it was just me. My X timeline was running over with praise for this thing and I just thought it was meh. The music was the weakest part. Hopefully she will inspire some other to use the format, tho…

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