what made me instantly attracted to the males from a fox’s past

so i saw this on the neighborhood talk just now.
it was directed to vixens but you know ima turn it towards us.
so for me:

A really handsome face
The presentation in the way the clothes fit

i always find different things attractive on different wolves.
im gonna try something different today.
instead of looking at the horrible qualities of some of the past wolves i dealt with,
i want to try and highlight what made me attracted to them instantly.

i’ll throw in the physical too…

“The First Wolf I Fell In Love With”

he had a really really REALLY handsome face

What Made Him Attractive Instantly:
i didn’t notice he was really into me until after a certain point tbh.
i think that is what casted the spell on him because i was so unaware.
i assumed he was straight and a hoe but i started noticing his body language towards me.

He was always trying to be in my space,
staring at me,

the “bedroom eyes/lip licking” combo when we locked eyes,
and finding ways to touch me.

so the jackal i spoke about that looked like devin thomas?
check the past sub entry.
so that jackal was standing on the sidewalk across from my car.
he was talking to a mutual wolf we were with.
i mentioned what the jackal did to me and how I do not like him

“You want me to fight that pineapple?
I’ll fight him for you.”

he said it in this low but sexy voice that turned me TF on.
that fact he wanted to defend me after never having that before from another male…
i was his after that.

Work Wolf

fat ass

What Made Him Attractive Instantly:
i loved he would text me all day and if i didn’t have money,
he would give me his credit card to get whatever i wanted for lunch.
if i was sick,
he would always check in and make sure i was good.


dem big biceps
dem big cheeks that sat

What Made Him Attractive Instantly:
his non-verbal communication letting me know he was with the vibes

what i’ve learned about my attraction to other males with all of them is:

I’m instantly attracted to males who make me feel seen.
I love when a wolf cannot take their eyes off me.
They always make me feel like I am the only one in the room with them.

this is why i never have luck meeting wolves online.
the spell i cast is more potent in real life.

1 thought on “what made me instantly attracted to the males from a fox’s past

  1. I’m attracted to gentlemen.

    The ones that hold the door open for your grandmother and make her feel young again.
    That if somebody drops something, helps them.
    If somebody trips, rushes to help them up.
    The one who is always looking around to see how he can help others.
    That draws me to a man.
    Many are self-absorbed so it really makes a guy stick out.

    Physically, a face that looks good even when shaved. So many men look terrible without facial hair. Don’t have time for beardfishers. And a big, wide, thick nose. Thick eyebrows. Men get so worried about hairline when they should be worried about dainty, delicate eyebrows. If your eyebrows are thin and plucked, it gives less manly to me. Men should be hairy and your eyebrows should make the DragonBallZ furrow when you’re angry, upset or confused. I don’t want to date the Male Mona Lisa.

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