mo’nique stands ten toes down on “f*ck my son and that tiktok”

there are times i regret my rebellious phase with my mother.
when i think back,
i was a mess.
i remember telling her i got someone pregnant because she got me vex.
someone pregnant?

i don’t think i ever fully apologized for wildin’ out.
then again…

Every teenager wanted to move out with a bunch of other teenagers,
all who weren’t working,
because they had a gigantic speaker in the living room to throw parties.

…or that might have just been me.
mo’nique legit said if she knew he would be doing tiktoks about her in the future,
she would have….

you hear that one lady agreeing with mo in the background?
there is a certain “type” that would be attracted to this.
ya’ll can see it in ya’ll head’s already.
she said the same thing about someone older coming up to her about oprah a week ago:

(youtube is being an asshole so you gotta watch it there)

i guess there are a lot of boomers who are mad for mo’nique out here.

i just said to myself yesterday that mo has been quiet after getting exposed by her son.
maybe they were working it out privately.

nah homie.

7 thoughts on “mo’nique stands ten toes down on “f*ck my son and that tiktok”

  1. Hollywood was wrong for how they did her.
    She was wrong for putting her career before her son.
    She was wrong for coming for DL Hughley’s fathering.
    Her son was wrong for putting this outt here.

    Both can be true.

    I never see this “exhaustion” when white celebs and their children are at odds. People eat it up when I’m thinking “we shouldn’t know this”. I felt the same about Kirk Franklin and his son’s drama.

    I’m not the child of a celebrity and I have resentment towards my parents for me having a 2 parent home, but them “not being present”.

  2. I have a lot to say about this topic. I haven’t had any personal contact with my mother or sister since December 2018. I wish Wendy or Tiffany would bring they ass on the internet to speak on my name. This ain’t Shalon and I will pull the fuck up on a one-way ticket. Luckily, we’ve all maintained radio silence. That keeps them safe.

    I sincerely dislike Mo’Nique after she used that man’s pain for laughs. Not a fan anymore and it is what it is about her fight with the Hollywood elite. She REALLY said fuck that nigga about her own son to people that don’t care and not invested in y’alls issue. This hits differently for me, I promise you. I would really have to pull the fuck up on that one. Sidney would have to catch a fade. Mandatory fade. Some of these parents need to humble themselves before their children, but it’s a God complex. If you have never had an issue with your parents, mother specifically, be grateful. It changes you on a fundamental level and you don’t trust as easily. I’m 34 years old and NEVER thought in my entire life that I would be estranged to family, but there it is. Shalon is a good man cause so help my God, it couldn’t be me. Her and that 80 years old woman from that made up ass story would have had to get hands put on them.

  3. Its funny people are saying that Oprah and Tyler Perry are sitting somewhere with their legs crossed drinking cranberry and vodka saying, “I told you so”. Like I said in a previous post, at the end of the day, Monique has spent the last 10+ years proofing everyone right as it relates to her difficulties.

  4. I used to be a fan of hers just like I used to be a fan of Brian McKnight.I’ve lost respect for both of them after seeing how they treat their older children.Add 50 cent to that list.

  5. I wish her and her daddy would go away..Using her son, who was respectful in his response, in her comedy act…all time low

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