am i gonna have to tune into wrastling just to see montez ford?

He has the type of face I’m attracted to.

i use to be a big fan of wrastling when i was a kid.
it was hogan,
and my fav,
the undertaker.

So it was when white wolves dominated the WWE back then.

well there are a new batch of fione black wrastling wolves now.
montez ford being one of them…

what channel does wrastling come on again?

Doesn’t he have the face of the “fine wolf” when we were in high school?
The type that was dating the equally popular vixen and they pretty much won everything?

well montez married his popular vixen.
her name is bianca belair and she is also a wrastler too:

i love she is all over his page.
most males keep you in soft debut stage and that is your leg in a vacation picture.

i’m loving this and i’m loving this.
even though he is 5 years taken,
that don’t mean we can’t drool after the meats:


lowkey: andy had em on wwhl too.
andy lowkey loves him a fine black wolf.

you peep bianca holding that paw?

7 thoughts on “am i gonna have to tune into wrastling just to see montez ford?

  1. THANK GOD he has a BLACK WOMAN he calls his WIFE πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ’―πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•I swear if she was a Wyt woman he would have been cancelled 😎

  2. Look, you are totally right Montez Ford is fine; but can we also shout out Bianca Belair his wife. I just love seeing black love on display, the fact that they are married just elevates them to a whole new level. I definitely want to check out their show and I definitely hit a follow on their Instagram.

  3. Yes ! Yes! And YES!!!!!!!!! Now,,,,,, “THIS HERE!!!!”…. Is what is known as a Good Lookin man!!!

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