Kyle Hagler Has A Quote For All The Hamsters On A Wheel

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-10-34-44-pmi was inspired by all of the nominee’s speeches at “harlem fashion show” last night,
but something kyle hagler said really shook me to the core.
it was one of those quotes i couldn’t stop thinking about.
i wanted to share it with the foxhole because it was so powerful.
so at the end of his speech,
he said…

“you can be as talented as you are,
but if you don’t have the access,
it will never happen.” – kyle hagler, 2016

81025e549889c84a77ebd5f058ddecbf1876e4d_rit struck a nerve with pose as well.
she asked me what my favorite quote of the night was,
and when i mentioned that,
it was like we did a virtual hi5 in the text.

that quote is so true and so scary at the same time.
it’s one of the reasons i’ve been so depressed lately.
this job has me feeling like i’m in a stagnant rut.
i still come home and work on the foxhole,
but i feel like i’m on a hamster wheel.

it’s no surprise that some who “made it” don’t want to help anyone else.
they forget the struggles they went through once they reach the top.
there is no doubt that i’m talented,
but i have no access.
my little blog “ijf” brand is floating in cyber space as a rest stop at the moment.
kyle put into words what i have been feeling.

i would like to meet a mentor.
someone who can guide me towards my destiny.
one who has “access” that isn’t afraid to take a chance on me.
my thing is…

You can tell off the bat who has bad energy

it’s crazy how i see successful folks falling for real life “joanne the scammers”
tumblr_o4rbufagos1qbvkmso3_400-1471882609…but those who are genuine and work hard are overlooked.
this happen a lot with our people.
we get stuck in that “crab in the barrel” mentality that cripples us.
it’s a shame most have died chasing their dreams on a hamster wheel.
i was just talking to someone at “harlem fashion row” and they said:

“it’s a shame that once you make it,
suddenly everyone wants to give you props and accolades.
they talk about how great you are and all this mess.

when you were struggling tho,
those same folks didn’t give you the time of day.
is it hate?”

well i hope kyle’s quote touched someone’s life out there.
it could be a wake up call like it was for me.
thank you kyle for shaking my world to the core.
i needed it.

lowkey: i want to thank all those who support me daily.
it helps me to continue doing what i do.
love ya.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Kyle Hagler Has A Quote For All The Hamsters On A Wheel”

  1. Access is paramount! I think our prayer should be, “God please prepare me for my destined place, and provide unblocked access while getting there. Amen.”

  2. I feel the same way. Florida is inefficient af and I have no car. You get looked at strange as hell for walking. Boggles my mind. My resume speaks volumes but its not working out. I’m giving it till Feb for shit to pan out or I will be right back on Nostrand Ave.

    “Little blog….” 👈🏿stop lowkey putting yourself down Jamari

    1. ^damn i appreciate the fact you called me out.
      i’ll change that.
      thank you f&s for that.
      much appreciated because i am selling myself short.
      i have to change my inner language about myself.

  3. J I’ve been saying that for a while now. When you are up & coming, you are completely ignored. This is everywhere. Hell, even social media. Those with little followers get ignored & not treated as such. But once you get that breakout of success, the same folks who ignored you will be falling to your feet trying to get a piece of your attention or better yet they will let others know that they “know you”.

    It sucks but I’ve noticed that in life. I came with the conclusion of that’s why many celebrities are boujie & snobby. Maybe a lot of them remember their struggles when nobody cared for them and now they’re aware that people only listen to them now because they’re “hot” at the moment. It all kinda makes sense when you think about it. I want to say that’s why you should hold close the ones who were with you before the success but sometimes even after success a lot of those same people start acting funny too.

    All I can say is keep a tunnel vision & focus on your path. What’s yours can’t be decided by others, destiny holds your fate. Not people. Your hard work will go somewhere.

    1. ^this comment almost brought me to tears.
      it was a great representation of everything i have wanted to say.
      thank you est for being able to speak the absolutely truth.
      i will continue to focus and work.
      hopefully one day,
      someone will notice or it will just happen on its own.

  4. Powerful quote because of the truth and sadness behind it. When we are little we are told we can be anything we want to be but as we get older you see that’s not the case. You can be the finest, talented, and best at whatever but without those connections it means nothing.

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