The “Harlem’s Fashion Row” Fashion Show


it has been an interesting last couple days.
we have a lot to font about.
so on the “ijf” update list:

the “harlem’s fashion row” fashion show
the call that made me cry
the fox who cried to the fione taken wolf

…are all up on the roster.
let’s start with “the fashion show”.

since it is fashion week in new yawk,
i wanted to attend at least one or two shows.
as of late,
i’ve been on a real “emo/depressed” tip,
but i missed being on the scene during fashion week.
i could have called my old connect to work it,
but i’m tired of dressing and styling models.
i done like 5 or 6 seasons of that.
i wanted to be in attendance.
it’s time jamari fox was a rsvp’d guest at things.
so when pose sent me the invite to “2016 harlem fashion row”,
i knew it would be a great start.
founded by brandice daniel in 2007,
“harlem’s fashion show” highlights emerging multicultural designers.
they give a platform to up and coming talent,
especially in the industry who have no access like the white counterparts.
it’s not like we have many shows for “us” at fashion week.
it was also a harlem production so you know i had to support.


now when i “rsvp” to something,
i expect to get a seat.
when i got to chelsea piers with pose,
it was like 725-ish.
we had to wait in a line until 745-ish in a hot hall way,
only to walk up to three greeters who were checking everyone in via phone.
at one point,
both of their andriod’s froze.

63595955281641255414287171_r-u-srsi could sense from that moment future fuckery was abound.
once i got to check in,
i got a card that said “standing”.
pose got a card with an assigned seat number.
i was already feeling myself getting vex.
we went up stairs where we were greeted to even more waiting.
everyone was everywhere.
all the “standings” were multi mixed in with the “numbers”.
there was a call all those with numbers.
that’s when everyone started pushing towards the door.


well that went on for about 30 minutes.
pose was inside,
taking pictures and mingling,
while i was standing outside like riff raff.
it was very annoying.
i swore if i heard that snow bunny yell:

“if you have a number…”

…one more time that i would bounce.
l2jjzqx4psn2uhaokpose kept texting me to “stay” and “be patient”.
i had a long day at work and this wasn’t making it any better.

once we got in,
well after 830pm and the show was supposed to start at 8pm,
there was a lot of empty seats.
luckily i got to sit in the same row was pose.
the crazy part is once all the “riff raff” came in,
there was no one standing because all the seats were filled.
i definitely need them work on that issue next year.

on to the show…

it was really wonderful.
i’m glad that i stayed.
first of all,
i loved being in a room filled “us” in the industry.
some fine ass wolves,
and those “in the know”.

claire sulmers – ceo of fashion bomb daily
nautri naughton – starz “power”
misa hylton brim – celebrity stylist/justin comb’s mama
ty hunter – stylist

…were in attendance.
it was a fashion show/award show and the award segment was first.
awards were presented to:

elaine welteroth – editor of teen vogue
kyle hagler – president of next new york
eric archibald – stylist

it was inspiring to hear their peers speak so highly of them.
we heard how they got to this point of their lives.
i’m going to speak of a quote from kyle in another entry.
swizz beatz also got the style icon award for 2016.
i’ve seen him from afar before,
he is very handsome up close.
the fashion show had great designs from:

kahindo mateene – kahindo
radhika perera-hernandez – lois london
terese brown – terese sydonna

jakai franks – jru

jakai had some fine male model wolves.
i need to be sit in on his casting next time.


besides the drama of getting in the venue,
i enjoyed the show a lot and would attend next year.
they will be celebrating their 10th year.
as a brown fox,
i want to continue to support “us” at platforms dedicated to our work.
see you next year hfr!

all videos credited: revenge fashion tv

check out more about harlem fashion row: website

show foxhole love:

x elaine welteroth
x kyle hagler
x eric archibald
x kahindo mateene – kahnido
x radhika perera-hernandez – lois london
x terese brown – terese sydonna
x jakai franks – jru

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7 thoughts on “The “Harlem’s Fashion Row” Fashion Show”

  1. My top picks:
    1.Lois London (exquisite)
    2.Kahindo (very nice)
    3.Terese Sydonna (a few pieces were grade A)
    4.JRU (two of his tops were cool)
    Overall, I think everyone did a great job. Some of those female models could have definitely walked in a major show, but it was nice to see that the designers gave a chance to a wide variety of looks.

  2. I love when you attend events like this, it’s a world you belong in. I hope this blog continues to get bigger and wider so we can see more of this for you.

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