my skin (care) is always at it’s worst when i’m pining over some toxic job or negro

i’ve noticed when i’m under extreme stress,
my skin takes a humongous turn for the worst.
i end up losing tremendous amounts of weight due to depression and anxiety.
my skin sags,
i break out,
and every line in my face becomes prominent.
i wasn’t born with perfect skin and it’s been an upward battle since my teens.
as of late,
especially during the rona,
i’ve been on my skincare game really heavy.
i wanted to share a “before and after” with the foxhole.
one of my bffs,
sent me a picture of when we went to the rihanna concert back in 2016.
this was during a stressful job and “the work wolf era” when it got bad…

*check out pose on her podcast when you get a chance.
it’s called “non-corporate girls” with her equally awesome co-host,
it’s pretty awesome.
( x here is the link to check her out when you get a chance ).

so when i look at that pic,
i remember how sad i was even though i was front row seeing one of my favs.
here i was,
with two of my favs,
and all i had on my mind was “work wolf”.
i had lost so much weight and my hair started to break off.
this is another shot from around that time as well:

2016 wasn’t a healthy year for me.

after my last job,
i was looking a mess of stress and crackhead.
this is two pics of me that i took today.
raw with no filters.
i do look a mess due to not getting a haircut,
and my hairline is at it’s MOST disrespectful,
but my skin blew me away:

my eyebrows!

i always font about what i use on my skin,
but i never showed the process.
the foxhole has seen me on my tmz spots so many of you know what i look like.
the “unapologetic whore” era is all about being fearless.

so i’ve been working hard to get to this place.
i feel like finding your perfect skincare regiment takes a minute to perfect.
these are the products i’ve been using:

so let’s get into these products starting top left:

Valo Vitamin C Glow Boost Essence with Hyaluronic Acid

skinceuticals introduced me to vitamin c serums.
they are really good at fading dark spots and brightening your skin.
i wanted a cheaper alternative so i heard about valo through word of mouth.
i started using it a couple weeks ago and i’ve started seeing a dramatic change.
with any vitamin c serums,
you have to use sun screen if you plan on going outside.
it can make your skin very sensitive,
which is why i only use it before i go to bed.

Anti Aging Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Face – Natural and Organic Night Cream – Made in USA – Wrinkle Cream for Women and Men – Facial Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and 3% Retinol Complex

retinol has always been a game changer for me.
it has helped smooth out my skin and made it more even.
for me,
it plays well with vitamin c serums.

BOOTS No7 Restore & Renew Eye Cream by Boots by No7

i cannot stress eye creams enough foxhole!!!
your eyes and neck are the first signs of aging.
i started using an eye cream years ago and it has literally faded my dark circles.
not only that,
i make sure to get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep.
do not listen to these idiots who talk about “no sleep” or “sleep is for the weak”.
that is not healthy at all and you can’t function tired af.
so make sure you get a good night’s sleep along with a good eye cream.

Glycolix Elite Glycolic Acid Exfoliating Treatment Pads, 60 Count

so i was introduced to glycolic acid with mario badescu.
it was what turned my skin all the way around.
so a few years ago,
the pretty vixen started her skincare journey.
i noticed that her skin was legit glowing and she wasn’t wearing any make up.
she recommended ^that product but told me get 20%.
it will “burn my face off” but it works wonders.
it does burn your face off,
but it’s takes dead skin off to reveal a new layer.
i leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes and rinse off before bed.
like the vitamin c serums,

it make your skin sensitive to the sun.

L’Oréal Paris Pure Clay Mask

i always liked this clay mask because it exfoliates and refines my pores.
i do a facial once or twice a week.
i try to spread them out so it can give it time to work.

every product that i use plays well with each other.
i think that’s the key.
i have oily skin so everything i use caters to that.
if you have dry or combo skin,
you may need to research what works well for you.
out of all the products i’ve ever used,
this has been what has helped me achieve what i’m looking for.
when i come out of this lock down

I am going to take over and swallow wolves whole

i’ve been working on the outside and inside.
this is the perfect time for everyone to glo up.

*what works for me might not work for you.
try these products at your own risk.
put your research in before you dive in head first.

Author: jamari fox

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20 thoughts on “my skin (care) is always at it’s worst when i’m pining over some toxic job or negro”

  1. Lips. Lovely. Lickable. Lips.

    I’m sorry…what were you talking about? 😉

  2. I honestly, truly, spent a few minutes admiring your lips. Your skin looks great. Now let me go ahead and add you to my list…..Hi

  3. Come On Out Jamari! Come On Lips! Looking Amazing! Glowing On The Inside & Outside. I’ve Started Back On My Skincare As Well. Try Using Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen It Doesn’t Leave Us Looking Ashy After Using Lmao! Biossance Also Has A Sunscreen As Well.

  4. I’ve purchased some handmade activated charcoal soap a few times and let it sit on my face while showering and it keeps my skin smooth after a rinse off. As there is no way for me to post pictures on here to show proof, it gives me a nice simple glow. Being in the south, the humidity is a monster and the sun, though beneficial in small doses, can be a nightmare in large amounts that leads to aging.

    I pay extremely close attention to the products I use by surveying the ingredients though. I am far more into natural things than my bf is. I give him suggestions but he doesn’t listen all the time or whatever.

    I like clay masks as well. I’ve used the original bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar facial mask, which works okay. A lot of folks don’t like the ginger smell but you can Trump that by applying organic coconut oil.

    As the Quarantine lifts, I’ll probably look into some of those items listed in the article too. I hear the sun in Florida can tear the skin apart if you don’t get that sunscreen, so I can imagine the aging effect it has on the skin in that region.

  5. Jamari, hun, I wanna be friends with you so bad in real life. Can we please link up some time one day? I promise I’m a level-headed and even tempered person offline.

  6. Wow J never seen these pictures of you and very handsome lad and the clothes suites you. Even with the flaws which I don’t see your perfect. Sometime I think were too hard on ourselves. You remind me of the lead singer from Mint Condition. I can see the island features on you.

  7. You are so handsome! And those lips. Thanks for the skin tips. Guess I better put my mask on and run to CVS tomorrow. I’ve also learned as I age to exfoliate and drink plenty of water!

  8. Jamari you are DEFINITELY one of those people that are too hard on themselves! You are a GOOD looking man! Your eye shape and lashes are gorgeous, you “smize” without it looking like your trying to, I know we are ALL harder on yourselves then need be, but trust me when I say, you have NOTHING to over-stress about! ✨

  9. Wow, you’re very handsome. I don’t know what i was expecting, but you’ve exceeded those expectations. Kudos to your parents.

    1. ^coming from you,
      this is a big compliment.
      thank you!!!!

      and thank you to everyone who left comments.
      i’m extremely humbled.

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