kyle goffney and jones tamar’s marriage: grand opening; grand closing?

i’m gonna give two really controversial opinions.

97% of gay males shouldn’t get married

98% of people in general need to keep their relationships off social media

gay males need more than cute selfies to be marriage material.
there is always a “crafty whore(s)” lurking behind these social relations.
so on twitter,

i saw that a recent union between kyle goffney and jones tamar ended after a month.
this was the ig press release on kyle’s page…

3 years and you’re now realizing he “loved someone else“?
don’t even get me started on the passive aggressive:
“i’m happy for you two and he can even have my ring”.

just because you both work out together,
take turns fuckin each other,
fuck other people together,
travel together to fuck more people together,
fuck even more people because you’re in an open relationship,

take ig selfies,
and be a mirror of each other,
does not mean you both are compatible for a whole marriage…
…with each other.

I feel the same way with the straights having these 90 day fiance type situation-ships and involve having kids

gorgeous couple tho.
the rona is really destroying these couples and marriages,

low-key: i guess we will find out who broke up this union soon.

visit kyle’s page: instagram | visit jones: instagram

55 thoughts on “kyle goffney and jones tamar’s marriage: grand opening; grand closing?

    1. I see they got matching tattoos too.I guess they reconciled. We can also rest easy tonight knowing that they are back together again #lovewins 😂

  1. Do you really believe they even got married? You can apply for the license and never have it filed. Scammers

  2. These comments are all over the place. If Kyle never did porn everybody would be all over this reading Jones and the best friend. Whether he did porn or not does not take away the fact his husband was cheating with a friend the whole time. How you marry somebody but you been fucking a friend or his friend the whole time.

    Being in porn does not stop you from having a heart. Yet everybody talking about what porn was he in, yeah he did Cocodorm and got fucked by Marc Williams. How many people slept with wannabe porn stars on Onlyfans? Like let that shit go. Yes I wouldn’t post we getting a divorce after a month, that’s an annulment not a divorce.

  3. And some of y’all stay triggered when you see successful black gay men with white men….

    1. I’m going to assume that your irrelevant reference to white men is due to your love of gagging and bouncing on pink dicks

  4. Speaking of black gays and marriage, I recently found out that Ryan Cleary married his American boyfriend. They now live in LA together. Wish them the best

    1. His Black American boyfriend. Two Black men together. Mad power & love to them both.

  5. Dude why do you always have to bash gay people and LGBT community? Straight people have short lived relationships all the time why did you feel the need to comment on gay marriage in that way?

    Seriously what is your problem?

  6. Why do gay men obsess over straight traditions. Marriage was made for union between a man and woman. It is symbolic or two becoming one which is the same as a man entering a woman sexually. It’s a tradition made for heterosexuals, not gays.

    Why would you want to uphold a tradition rooted in religious beliefs that detest your lifestyle anyways? That makes absolutely no sense.

    This is what I used to want when I was in my be married..but it was a rather juvenile thought.

    Also, human beings are scientifically not monogamous creatures, but only by choice and Rona is exposing this. A lot of folks just be dating for show. They are two actors on a stage giving you a presentation.

    I don’t believe in soulmates either. Even from a religious standpoint nothing is ever mentioned about having a “soulmate”. You do have a lot of selections to choose from. Too many good looking and successful people in the world to assume you have to be stuck with one for the rest of your life.

    Some people are indeed in love with each other and will last a long time. Gay men really have no reason to stick together forever. The straights do, and that’s to produce offspring and even they cant get that right.

    When you see a man that is pleasing to your interests…you wanna fvck him. That’s expected. Have sex as long as you do it safely, there is no problem. The best part about being gay is that you don’t have to deal with straight problems…the major one being pregnancy. Once a straight man accidentally slips up, his life is over…for the rest of his life and if he already has a family….he’s slit his own throat.

    At one point gays didn’t have to worry about ugly divorces either. I have an aunt who is STILL battling her ex after all these years because he doesn’t want to sign divorce papers over share of property…. hate to see.

    Me personally, I keep my bf close knit but never chastise him for thinking or looking at another attractive male. Since we are “committed” (not married) he is mine and I don’t share. Don’t participate in threesomes or anything like that and he’s the same.

    But if he was just a FWB then, yeah..I know quite a few men I’d fvck alongside with safe sex.

    Im guessing when you get older you kinda just want someone to be there and you are settling down I suppose….

    Besides, every gay man (and straights too) probably have one universal fear: TO DIE ALONE.

    Anyone in the Foxhole who has worked in the medical field can attest that one of the most disturbing things to watch is someone on their death bed giving their last and final breaths as the body shuts down. Now imagine dying in that fashion in a room full of strangers instead of someone (or a few) close people. It’s rather tragic way to die. There are stories of people dying in their homes, dead for months and no one knew it

    But elderly people (the ones not committed most of the time)..they all usually say the same thing before they die. They wished they lived their life without limitations.

    1. Marriage isn’t just meant for straight people. Marriage is a public declaration of your commitment to someone. Marriage also gives you legal and medical benefits that you would not have otherwise. You mentioned dying alone. There are countless stories of people who had been together for decades and when one got sick, the partner had no legal right to make medical decisions on the others behalf. The partners were legally treated like strangers. Marriage gives you access to social security benefits and it gives you more rights over inheritance.
      Many people had fought for the right to get married, just because you don’t agree doesn’t make it “juenivile” or wrong.

      1. Marriage isn’t just meant for straight people.

        Bullshit. That’s exactly who is was created for based off of Biblical doctrine. It specifically says a man shall leave his parents and cling to his WIFE and the two shall become one flesh.

        Marriage is a public declaration of your commitment to someone.

        I know what the word marriage means…. Your original claim is still bullshit either way.

        Marriage also gives you legal and medical benefits that you would not have otherwise.

        Only if it’s a healthy marriage. It can also bite you in the ass legally and medically too wait…didn’t you say that…there are countless stories of people who had been together for decades and when one got sick, the partner had no legal right to make medical decisions on the others behalf. Oh…ok… benefits.

        Marriage gives you access to social security benefits and it gives you more rights over inheritance.

        And being single gives you more control of your own money and freedom to finances so what’s your point… While you’re trying to make it seem like marriage is some holy grail…Singles or people that aren’t bound have benefits to their lifestyles just as well as “married folks” If you really want to get technical with it….compared to their straight counterparts…Gay marriages have an extremely high divorce rate.

        Many people fought for the right to get married, just because you don’t agree doesn’t make it “juenivile” or wrong.

        Which is why you see the word “I” in the sentence. I find it juvenile in thought because I don’t need to marry a man to make a declaration to anything. I have my own finances and insurance and my bf has his own as well.

        I never said anything about it being wrong, I said Gay men don’t have to do it or feel like they should do it.
        And the same back to you
        Just because you need some form of ceremonial validation to show others you’re “stitched” doesn’t mean others do as well nor does it mean they need the highly coveted “legal and medical” benefits that marriage brings.

        You say many people have fought to get married.
        Are you currently married?

        1. I am currently married.
          1. If you want to use the Bible as an example of what marriage should be then which example? The ones where the father’s marry off Thier daughters? Or the examples of bigomy? Remember Jacob wanted to marry Rachel. Rachel’s father tricks Jacob into marrying Leah and then years later he can marry Rachel too. Also marriage is not biblical. They had marriage all over the world predating the bible. In Asian, Greece, Carthage, babylonia and aftica. Marriage like today has never been one way. Throughout history marriage has changed in function and purpose. The idea for love is relatively new (scope of human history)
          2. You mention that you are talking about yourself. That’s fine, if you don’t want to get married, then no one is forcing you. However, your tone is very condescending in your post. You not wanting marriage does not put you on some higher plane of enlightenment. Like you figured something out that married folks haven’t.
          3. Prior to gay marriage longtime partners where shut out of medical decisions.
          4. Prior to gay marriage if a partner died the other partner had no rights to social security benefits or inheritance. (Family members could easily contest wills)
          5. Everyone is different, not better or worse. I don’t “need” validation from anyone. Marriage is not about “validation.” You mentioning that’s shows me you don’t really understand. Marriage ceremonies are about celebrating with those that you love. Marriage is about equal rights, protections, and priiveages under the law afforded to hetero counterparts.

          Stay single, or unmarriedly coupled. That is your choice, and it is fine one. But have respect for those that want a different choice.

          1. It really makes me sad when some gay men who I personally know, say things like gay men shouldn’t get married or have kids because I feel in SOME cases it’s internalized homophobia.I feel that they don’t feel they are deserving of equal rights,that they feel less than,inferior because they are gay.I said in some cases not all cases.

            The reasons they give like, gay men not being faithful, I see those same issues in the straight community.Most of the straight people I know have experienced cheating in their relationships.As a matter of fact, many of my female relatives and friends have admitted cheating. I am no longer shocked when I hear it.I believe just as many women cheat as men, they are just more careful and rarely get caught.They have side dicks just like men have side chicks.

            Straight marriages also in end in days or weeks.Some straight couples who are considered #couplegoals are in open relationships or are not happy.There are straight relationships that are really just arrangements and that’s their business. IMO straight relationships/marriages,straight parenting, straight love,etc. are NOT superior to gay relationships,gay parenting or gay love.

            Congrats on your marriage❤.

    2. Just because you struggle with interpersonal relationships and dont understand the fact that many gay men find happy and healthy life long relationships doesnt matter.

      Marriage is a civil RIGHT that allots legal advantages that are beneficial to many long term partnerships. This isnt hard to understand.

      Please stop the elaborate novels explaining your self loathing. It’s very uncouth….

  7. I’m going to agree with Jamari here..Most Gay men have no business getting married. If 51% of all hetero marriages fail what gives the average gay the idea that it’s something that may work for them? And let’s be totally honest here, when we see young gays getting married it’s typical a narcissism project. Those people who wear black robes on the Supreme Court told your gay ass you can legally get married and now you wanna stunt with your nuptials lol. Many of us are are works in progress but we’re largely damaged by our experiences. So why should two broken people ever consider matrimony?

  8. Wait… Zaxby!!!! I am very serious my brotha.. The only thing I am guilty of is Hyping “US” up..

    I am a Black ,Gay Male who loves other Smart , Black ,Gay males and we are the “Superior Race”.

    I Love Jamari and comment frequently.

    { Its sad that we have been called out and trolled so much that we aren’t used to someone who praises us]

    BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL!!! and so are you Zaxby .. peace

  9. Word on the street is that his husband was really on trying to get a green card anyway, but Kyle pulled a fast one and got him to marry him in Brazil instead.

    Brazilians are very much like Caribbean men…not built for monogamy but they can fuck lol

    1. “Brazilians are very much like Caribbean men…not built for monogamy but they can fuck lol”

      I second the latter… They can fuck.. I have stories whewww lmao

  10. WOW !!!******* YOU GUYS WHO COMMENT On this Site ARE THE BEST !!!!!!( –INSIDE JAMARIFOX & READERS) are,,,,,,,, MILES ABOVE OTHER SITES AND COMMENTS!!!!!!!! Your insight , intelligence is everything an advanced race of superior humans beings in 2020 should be( smile)

    1. Kyle, is that you?

      Your sarcasm is witnessed, noted, and unappreciated. Now be gone with you and darken this comment section no more.

      Hit bitch will holler, chile

  11. yawn pretty people always managed to find more broken pretty people eventually and repeat the cycle of not working out instead falling in love with themselves to see they should gravitate more individuals who have only loved themselves and actually want another SOUL to connect with but nah they’ll just do what they do but me, my cats, and my riches? this is not the cat lady! this the cats meowww lady! amazing how amazing so many of us are yet… nevermind

  12. A straight friend of mine told me something years ago. She said never tell anyone how good your man’s dick is. It will always bring out the homewrecker in people. Yet as gay men we constantly share the good dick and wonder why other gays keep trying to take it from us.

    Also I feel like a lot of these fine men date for the validation. The problem with that is eventually the same old love and affirmation from the same man wears thin. It’s like your mother calling you handsome. It’s expected. Eventually you’ll start looking for a second opinion. That second opinion will gladly take you from the first.

  13. Damn one month and its over, no counseling, no second chances??? This speaks volumes on why this marriage must have been a sham from the start and was only done for likes and attention. Why do so many people feel the need to have to put their personal business on social media after a break up is beyond me. Oh well this is all a bunch of bullshit anyway. File this under “Who Cares”

  14. I’ve seen this with gay dudes a million times: a dude posing as your friend but they’re really trying to get with you or your man. Be careful when a dude’s friends are weirdly territorial.

  15. Personally, I would have kept this close to the vest. I would not have announced this, as embarrassing as it is. A month of marriage though? I guess that could happen to anyone because they were together for three years. The friend must have gotten a little too close.

  16. i’m sorry but it really bothers me when ppl jump straight to social media after a break up and start airing shit out

  17. Isn’t he one of the twin porn star from the early 2010’s that got arrested for stealing out of Walgreens????

    1. Yes Kevin,

      Him and his twin brother did Sex Acts together and Crime. I always wondered what happened to his twin.

      I was happy that he was able to rise from that chapter and have a career. It was interesting how everyone but you and I forgot about this.Yet ,here he is making what was obviously a Hasty move getting married for less than a month. Perhaps people are geared for drama

      1. I remember his brother did a queerty interview where he talked about being straight (he was gay-for-pay) and I remembered how he very much bottomed and his brother said how much he regrets that and how he didn’t like or want to do it but ol’ Kyle here egged him on. Just to do it quickly n it’ll be over.

        That scene hits different when you realize how mentally he didn’t want to be there.

        I think he said in the interview he no longer talks to kyle, has a girl and a family. He feels bad abut the robbery too and also blames that on his brother but accepts his role in it,

          1. Kyle and his brother appeared in several films, as Keyon and Teyon, including ones on the old site, with the porn star Scorpion and others. In that scene and another Kyle and his brother both performed. Keyon (Kyle) also was an actor (he appeared on Law & Order) and model, and Teyon (Taleon) was a gymnast whose feats stunned the cops (jumping out of a window & swimming across a lake, etc.) [Google Keyon and Teyon for more details–it all came to a head back in 2008.] I was glad when he and his brother got out of jail and were able to create new lives for themselves. They weren’t and aren’t bad people, and sometimes people do get caught in bad situations when they’re young.

        1. Oh no boo, they still talk and are still collaborating. This is his IG;

          And here is him ridiculously still putting his brother on a pedestal and paying tribute to their upcoming plans to work together dated March 15, 2020;

          Personally I think his brother is a good look, and I’d go for him any day. He looks like a really sweet dude. I just think he should stay out of business dealings with his brother and focus on that beautiful family!

          1. I would definitely hope they wouldn’t do all that talking and gassing themselves up for something as simple as an onlyfans, because that’s what it honestly sounds like. I’m not even sure what’s going on with these dudes, but why are they still clinging to the past?

            And he has stomach cancer (the brother) so maybe he’s in a hurry to make things work out for his family if something happens to him.

            But he’s really the more attractive of the two- weirdly.

            And I’m sorry, but i’m actually kinda turned on that he bottomed for a dude despite being totally straight. That’s weirdly….sexy? idk. Hopefully he doesn’t end up in one of Kyles schemes.

          2. His brother really is a nice guy. He has a son and recently I believe another child. He works as a Trucker.
            I have respect for how he’s handed his role as a father. I’m on FB friends so I see his post periodically.

      2. Isn’t he a kept escort? I remember reading something like that off a comment on this site a few weeks ago

  18. I disagree with the 97 percent aren’t cut for marriage things however I do feel all the gay men who are attention seekers (I.e always naked, flexing for the gram etc.) are clearly setting themselves up to fail getting involved in any monogamous situation. Cause clearly you need validation from other men of you are putting yourself out there like that and that’s not something a ring or any other person can fix. I’m sure both men knew in the 3 years that at lest one of them have the the tendency to stray.

  19. looks down, picks up Birken, looks at Kyle with “Annalise Keating” judgement, leaves

  20. Thirsty queens like this are a poor example for anyone to use for a marriage. Remember Brittany Spears? I know LGBT folks who have been together for 30 years and got married when it became legal and are still together. Use real folks to base your judgement of life matters by any not reality queens.

    1. It’s interesting because most of these gay relationships that via social media end up being this way. Both are usually extremely sexy, thirst trap material, and love to show off on the gram. They have an open relationship where they travel and share other men and it usually ends badly.

      I wouldn’t say marriage doesn’t work for gay men but if the couple is still caught up in living the gay life and has messy gay friends who love to sleep with anybody then it probably won’t work. I’ve seen some good gay marriages, couples who’s been together for 20 years or more.

  21. But I must say though, I am a tad bit bummed out. They were one of the most popular gay couples on the Brazilian LGBT+ social media circuit…a black couple at that! Shame it didn’t last ’cause I was low-key living for the representation. lol

  22. I’ma keep it short:
    This doesn’t surprise me at all… Way too many fine-ass men down there to try to swim up stream by settling for monogamy amongst a ravenously sex-obsessed social group like the gay male community. Quiet as it’s kept, the gays just aren’t cut out for that marriage thing…so leave that BS for the heteros.
    Kyle will be alright. There are plenty of Baianos, Paulistanos, and Cariocas that can replace him. Men like Jones are a dime a’ dozen in that country…

  23. Initially I thought this was an odd picture to post to announce your breakup but then I went to his page and saw in most of the pictures they are dressed like this.

    Personally I don’t think straight men(or women) are any more faithful than gay men so I guess most people shouldn’t be getting married 😂.There is a lot of cheating going on out there.Ashley Madison the site that caters to married people who want to have an affair,said business is booming,memberships are up during COVID-19 pandemic.Because people are stuck at home, they are seeking an “outlet” for their relationship stress.

    I agree with keeping your relationship off of social media, at least for the first year or two.

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