Daddy, Bring Your Magnum For This Hookup

tumblr_static_tumblr_static__640so you know i hate these stories.
you want to get some “no strings attached” sex and get killed by a jackal.
well the following story went in that direction,
but had a plot twist.
this is the story was sent in by a foxholer via the atlanta journal-constitution


A meet up between two men turned into a deadly shooting Sunday after one of the men allegedly held up the other, police said.

The shooting happened around 12:30 a.m. outside a Shell gas station on Snapfinger Woods Drive in DeKalb County, according to Channel 2 Action News.

One of the men told police he was kidnapped by a man he “met up with for a sex act” and was forced at gunpoint to withdraw money from several ATMs.

Police told the news station that when the attacker put his gun down, the driver pulled his own gun and shot his attacker once, killing him.

No charges have been filed and police told Channel 2 the killing is being investigated as self defense.


how is that for an ending?
one less jackal to torment the innocent within the foxhole.
my issue with this is the argument about gun control.
if he didn’t have his own gun,
more than likely,
he would have been robbed and killed.
he was one of the lucky ones.
in this day and age,
hook ups are getting dangerous.
you may been to stay strapped,
in more ways than one,
just to get smashed.

“Ima bring the condoms…
and my Magnum in case I gotta shoot a jackal.”

the jackals who did mass killings all had war machines.
you may be registered for a smaller gun for your protection.
so i had to ask…

When is it okay to own a gun?


lowkey: i want a gun.

articles and pictures taken: the ajc

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “Daddy, Bring Your Magnum For This Hookup”

  1. I have a friend who is a former vet if he goes to meet someone he takes his gun he doesn’t tell them though. He’s about 5’8 but he’s extremely muscular so no one ever tried him but he keeps his gun on him all the time in general. I tell everyone check the laws where you live get a gun or a taser. Here in Philly I heard tasers are illegal but folks stay buying them. I’m going to invest in a gun I was robbed at gunpoint December 27th 2008 and ever since I sometimes get anxiety being out at night. If I’m in center city Philly I’m fine but being out at night in the inner city still has me on edge. I agree laws should be passed so that it’s harder to acquire a gun but the removal of guns isn’t wise

    1. ^omg malcolm!
      i’m sorry that happened to you!
      i am interested in a tazer as well.
      you gotta protect yourself out here.
      fighting wont always save your life.

      1. It’s just we have to protect ourselves because waiting for someone else to do it its futile, especially if you’re young black and gay

    1. ^i was just telling the pretty vixen those sites are now doa.
      you gotta be extra careful or you can get got.
      so now the question is:

      how do we meet someone to fuck?

  2. I Have mixed feeling on this issue. Having a gun and using it in self defence is a good thing. I think every one has the right to to defend themselves. But is am also of the thought that if you have a gun you are more likely to use it. No doubt the robber got what he deserved but I can’t help but think of how the situation most likely would have ended otherwise. Victim would have been out of the 20 dollar asked for and no life lost. Is it worth killing someone over a few dollars? if so, how much. 20, 100, 1000?

    1. A teenager in the Bronx was recently stabbed and killed for $2.If criminals have no respect or place no value on their victims lives why should we value their lives.Those robbers have no qualms killing over $2 dollars.When you pull a gun or knife on someone that is an indication to me you are willing and ready to kill.So if you are willing to kill ,be prepared to be killed.

  3. Anyone still hooking up with randoms on jackd, a4a, and craigslist is an IDIOT.

    Times have changed too much in just the past few years. Dudes used to just want to get off without anyone knowing, but now even an out gay dude will smooth rob you.

    Guns should protect you from unforeseen dangerous situations. You don’t go into dangerous situations with a gun. Smh

    1. ^”Times have changed too much in just the past few years. Dudes used to just want to get off without anyone knowing, but now even an out gay dude will smooth rob you.”


    2. Well I am telling you right now there are a lot of idiots. You have a lot of men out here who do not have connects or ways to find other gay men, so they resort to others means to get their nut because that is all they have at their disposal. In all honesty, one would be better off if they would hook up with a follower on Instagram or Twitter from their own town or somewhere close. At least you would never have to worry about the straights getting you. I mean, you would know who is who.

  4. I’ve neva been one about them guns, let alone ever fired one before….but the more I read the news, the more I may find my black ass in somebody’s gun range soon…

    1. ….which is exactly what gun manufacturers want, smdh…have y’all noticed the amount of gun thefts in your area, esp here in ATL metro?…there’s stores that have been hit repeatedly with seemingly no great effort on the store’s part to remedy the beaches in security…the more guns out there for clearly illicit purposes means more reasons why the NRA can stay king…

  5. Damn smh

    An ex-friend of mine got jumped/robbed by some project rat he was meeting up with. Dude was supposedly straight but played gay to the set em’ up.

    1. It almost happened to me once. However, I got a feeling something was amiss and did not go through with it. Days later I found that I had been catfished. I was beyond pissed and grateful. Its dangerous out here. Be safe yall.

  6. See! This is why I’m pro-gun and pro second amendment for this exact reason if everyone America followed suit there would be less victims in this world btw gay people you betta start waking up and start having a love affair with the gun range and the pistol cause shit is getting real!

  7. People better be careful out here. These straights and even some gays are in need of money and they are preying on anyone. Here is some real shit tho. Straight men have caught on to the fact that many gay men are gullible. As sad as this may be, straight men know how desperate some are to get laid by a good looking man which makes them an easy victim. Before anyone gets upset, yea I know sexuality does not have to do with how desperate anyone is. However, in this case it is does play a part. As met who live an alternative lifestyle, there is a shortage for us, meaning we cannot find potential partners left and right like the straights do. Am I wrong? Then on top of that, the person we see out has to be good looking as well. As a result, this cause men to jump at any chance they have without having a second thought.

  8. I’m super happy I don’t do crazy shit like meet a stranger the same day I first speak to them online anymore.

  9. In my opinion,as an openly presenting, effeminate queen, it is perfectly okay to own a gun. Especially when you live in a predominantly urban area. The straight boys try us gals a lot, and one must be prepared for the worst.

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