Anyone With A Penis Has Become Pussyfied These Days

tumblr_n0l1anuWMh1qz8wiwo1_1280…according to ice t.
he had an interview “the guardain” where he thinks men have gone soft these days.
in every way you can imagine.
he calls out the entire male sex on being “the new bitch”.
well a new word i’ll be using:
well this is what he said via newsninja….

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 11.33.02 PM

US rap legend Ice-T says gay men are not to blame for the “pussyfication” of the male sex.
In an interview with The Guardian, the rapper and actor, known for his long-running role in crime show Law and Order, was asked about the lyrics on his new album Manslaughter, from his old thrash metal group Body Count.

Asked about the reference that “manhood’s dead”, Ice-T replied: “I think right now you’re dealing with the pussyfication of the male sex. Men are just being so passive, not standing for something; they’re very politically correct.

“This has nothing to do with the gay male.
“The gay male is gay and I have no problem with that.
“Men are just soft. It’s OK to say you want to be a woman, but try to be a man and there’s something wrong with that.”

He explained: ”One of my buddies told me, ‘For you to be a man, a bitch has definitely taken a position.’ If you’re with your girl and you’re like, ‘Where should we park? I don’t know…’, she’ll be like, ‘Park here!’

”Women want power. But at the same time they’ve made men feel uncomfortable about speaking their feelings.”


well on the positive,
he didn’t throw the gays under the bus.
thats a good sign to this rant.
tumblr_n5xu4qZljZ1skh0gdo1_400 you know “we” are responsible for famine,
and when you run out of toilet paper.

i can agree with him on some parts.
wolves nowadays are definitely bitch made.
have you seen the selfies?
well hell a majority in the life as well.
don’t sleep.
these random witch hunts are pretty bitch made.
i don’t agree with him basically blaming vixens tho.
most wolves nowadays are raised by single mothers.
where are the fathers?
okay then.
i guess we found the answer to his rant?

article found: the guardian | newsninja2012

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “Anyone With A Penis Has Become Pussyfied These Days”

  1. Bottom line, men have been becoming pussies for a long time now. Tight jean wearing woman bun having pussies the lot of them these days. “Men” today think if they grow a beard that makes them a man. No, you’re just a boy with facial hair. You all on this thread can think it’s not true and bash T calling him old school but it’s true whether you admit it or not! We need more old school men on the front lines. The men have taken a back seat, while women run shit. Makes me sick to my fucking stomach!

    1. The fact that you’re saying this in 2021 is embarrassing as hell. You sound like a boomer who thinks being able to express your emotions is being a girl or weak. Unlike the boomers before us, I want to actually be emotionally available to my children. And to stop the cycle of emotionally stunted men. I have no idea exactly what you’re referring to, but I’m basing this off of what boomers have said to me. Maybe you need to look inside yourself and find out why it’s so threatening.

  2. Yea, the single mothers raising boys does contribute to the reason why men are not very masculine overall, but I believe society and social media plays a role as well. Nowadays men are focused more on how they physically look similarly to women, which leads to feminine traits.

  3. I do believe that there is a gay agenda but I think it’s for the better. We have been demonized for so long & gays are still being persecuted worldwide for something that they had no control in. People don’t choose to be gay so we don’t deserve this. I think men like Ice-T hate it because they notice their straight PRIVILEGE is being put on the line here. You know it’s like White people who try to dismiss racism/White supremacy on their behalf because they like to hold that White privilege over other races. I believe that’s how Ice-T feels about his straight male privilege. People will think what they want about gays but we need tolerance. Period. All of this “hyper masculine/real men” BS is just another way for straight men to stroke their ego and wanting to be looked on as the highest people on the totem pole. Now that masculinity is being challenged & gays are becoming more mainstream, it’s threatening them.

    LBGT needs to be normalized because it’s been denormalized for centuries. We deserve it tbh.

  4. Its a combination of many things. However i know gays get angry about shit getting blamed on us but dont yall act like some of the shit aint true. He didnt say anything about gays because he would have been caught up in a shit storm but trust me im sure he feels gays are to blame to a degree and if he said it he would be correct. There is a gay agenda that gays in power have to not only normalize the whole LGBT thing but even make it seem as if its better than Heterosexual community. Just look at alot of the images that are being shown now. Even if the gay guy in films is the stereotypical queen he is likeable, charming, and innocent. Also they show depictions of affluent and educated gays. Im not saying this is all bad but it is skewed. It paints a picture as if gays are innocent saints. Mostpeople are onlivious to the racism that goes on in the gay community.

    If ice t made a statement about gays he would be right especially when it comes to blacks because 95% of the time when they show a gay black male he is a queen. When they do show masculine gays its demonized because that person is usually associated with DL which is deceit. He is right there is an assault on masculinity and there are many factors and yes gay is oneof them.

      1. Thanks Jamari. I just try not to be blind to any agenda even if that means callin bs on a community i guess i belong to.

  5. So says the ex-Pimp who married his trashy whore. IceT have several seats with your old played out ass. You cant even keep your whore in line and you supposed to be a real G. She was blatantly cheating on your limp dick ass with a scrub. I guess you thought you were going to be successful making a Ho a housewife. For years you have fed men of color this pimp persona making them believe that women had no value other than to supply their needs and take care of them and now you have the nerve to complain because there are no real men left. Look in the mirror Old Yella and see what part you played in this. These old ways of thinking about men and what a man is and is not is are coming to an end. So many men of color have been shut out of this white patriarchal system that is no wonder that they have had to define their own version of manhood. So many men have scared their children due to being broken and bruised because they had no real understanding of what a man is other than standards imposed on them by people who set up a system that was never meant for them to succeed, and it has manifested itself in several generations. I am glad that many men are reexamining their roles and not playing into old stereotypes. I see so many brothers I know who go the extra mile to be good parents and have real meaningful relationships with their spouses and children than their fathers had with them. I have no respect for IceT because he is a coonish traitor who plays into the worst of what a Black man is.

    1. You’re so right about this tajan!

      The question I have for Mr. Ice-T is: Is he one of those “real men” that he’s talking about? I agree that there is a shortage of “real men” out here, but I think our definitions of what that is is very different.

      Ice-T is not a “real man” IMO, he’s just appropriating what he THINKS a real man is.

      I really wish these entertainers would sit down and stop acting like they’re smart. Leave that to the smart people. (There are smart entertainers out here, its always the stupid ones that act like they’re opinions need to be heard lol)

      No “real man” would have a wife that portrays herself the way she does, and the fact that he endorses it is proof that he is but only a pawn of a system that forces men to think within the confines of what we are fed to BELIEVE what a real man is. He’s yet another chauvinistic idiot who thinks women need to “know their place” as opposed to having a mutual relationship. That fact that he’s so concerned about a women taking power shows how weak he really is. Why are you scared if you’re a “real man”?Ice-T, go join the other resident chromosome-less idiot Steve Harvey and just please STOP TALKING! He’s just one of those old people who are threatened by evolution and change.
      Sure there is a shortage of true men out here, but its not because of what he thinks.

      Some people really need to get a brain before they make tweets. LOL

  6. Is it the feminization of men or the definition of masculinity being redefined? He may have a point to a degree, but at the same time, its almost a really old school opinion.

    I could go on about this but I’ll just leave it at, I believe he’s half right.

    Yes Jamari, I believe this whole epidemic of single mothers greatly contributes to this. Not to the fault of the mothers, but the men that dont take care of their kids.

    Even the men who live in the homes but are still “ain’t shit” lol. This needs to change… there are so many conditions that are influencing the changes he’s seeing. Some of it is an evolution of men and some of it is regressive.

  7. Last two lines tell everything. Blame women and single mothers but they’re the ones taking care and being responsible for their kids while the dead beat fathers aren’t doing anything else but planting seeds they damn well know they ain’t ready to take care of, but nope it’s all the women fault especially black women! SMH!!!

    You’re also right about how we’re to blame for the craziest stuff. I bet gays are among the top 5 favorite scapegoats.

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