so these texts from the alleged victim in the jonathan majors scandal…

we waited for more substantial evidence in this jonathan majors fiasco.
the forest fire has calmed down with the alleged abuse last weekend.
did he or did he not slap and strangle his girlfriend?
many of us wanted to see the alleged video but we got these texts instead.
per tmz

why would his lawyers release this?
this didn’t do him any favors imo.
 his lawyer ( x represented jen shah from the salt lake city season ).
you see how that ended up.

the first text acknowledges that something went down.
it looks like she didn’t want any negative attention being brought to him.
she is blaming herself for what he allegedly did.

the second text seems like it’s desperately trying to cover this up.
in my experience with abuse,
i know this all too well.
you want to make it “right” asap so this can all go away.
the lack of response on his end is interesting too.

They should have released the video instead.

texts can be changed and altered.
like all hollywood alleged “abuse” scandals,
this will all probably get swept under the rug pretty soon.
“until next time” like the others?

lowkey: one of the foxholers sent this before the texts dropped…

…and in my eyes,
these texts didn’t show his innocence either.

screengrab: tmz

5 thoughts on “so these texts from the alleged victim in the jonathan majors scandal…

  1. Let’s do the short answer and then have the longer conversation. The short is the lawyer probably released the text “ if true” to show that the woman admits to being the aggressor in the situation. When you grab someone’s phone you have in fact legally committed an assault, people may not accept that in the court of public opinion but that is the reality. With violence there is always a proportionality argument, if someone goes and commits a simple assault or battery doesn’t then give a person the right to go and commit aggravated battery as a response.

    The only person I’ve seen to have to most thorough and comprehensive conversation on this has been attorney Antonio Moore over at Tone Talks on YouTube, y’all should definitely check it out, IPV (intimate partner violence), fmpv (female/male partner violence), mfpv (male/female partner violence), unidirectional vs bidirectional violence. These are just some of the terms that we should become familiar with before we start having a conversation about domestic violence and Antonio’s point which I totally agree with and maybe just parroting is that we’ve given a lot of expertise to people who haven’t done the work and the deep dive into the numbers and actual doctoral research when it comes to this subject.

    This maybe controversial but I’m not of the belief that a man should never hit a woman, no; I believe people need to keep their hands to themselves no matter who they are regardless of if they’re a man or a woman. The problem with a lot of abuse cases is that we see them portrayed in large part as unidirectional MFPV, when if fact a lot of cases are bidirectional; which means y’all are in there just fighting. I take a much harder stance on unidirectional violence but if it’s bidirectional violence and y’all are fighting, like Judge Judy would often say “ in a fight someone is going to get the short end of the stick”.

    I think another point that Mr. Moore was making is that we often don’t see the bidirectional nature of domestic violence because to some extent we minimize female participation, so we don’t count spitting, throwing objects etc., if a man has marks on him he is often times instructed to just go back in the house. Outside of serious bodily injury, like if a woman runs you over with car, stabs you, or kills in someway; we haven’t created the facilities and spaces for women to be locked up for the crimes that they commit.

    Antidotally I’d like to point to two movies “What’s love got to do with it” and “ This christmas”. In “what’s love got to do with it” we see the portrayal of the unidirectional violence that Ike did to Tina Turner and it was horrible and gut wrenching but conversely in “ This christmas” there is a scene where after finding her husband has cheated Regina Kings character waits for Laz Alonso to get in the shower she puts baby oil on the floor waits for him to get out of the shower where she beats him down with a belt, no originally when I this movie in theaters everyone was laughing including me, but now in 2023 I do find that scene cringe worthy, because if those roles were reversed it wouldn’t have been funny at all so why was it funny in the first place. I say all of that to point out that we have essentially created a society where the violence that females perpetrate is not taken seriously.

    1. Thanks for the reference I’ll definitely check it out.
      I don’t believe these allegations one bit the text is saying she told the cops once she read the report they gave her that JM did not strangle her…..yet they pressed on so my question is if in fact she didn’t say he did that and then double down on the fact that he didn’t do. How did the cops conjure up these charges?
      Why was he arrested and released immediately no booking, mugshots, finger prints etc etc….?
      Looks like a major set up

  2. He needs a new lawyer.

    The lawyer should have never leaked those texts.If you Google things battered women or victims of domestic violence say or do, this sounds like a textbook case.

    The lawyer should have released the video so we can see how she was injured.
    He may be innocent but those texts makes him look quilty, IMO

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