Everyone Meet The First Example: Ray Rice

ffd31179aef24a99ccfb90d3c389935bso if you’ve seen and heard,
baller wolf ray rice put his paws on his then fiance,
janay palmer.
in ( x the first video ),
they showed him dragging her out of an elevator at atlantic city.
well a video was released of what exactly happened inside today.
what is it with ( x these elevators )?
are they the new boxing ring?
this footage maybe graphic for some…
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Brian Mckee: Hollywood Fiance?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.09.57 PMwhen that wolf walked on the scene on #hollywoodexes,
i had to know who he was and what he was about.
herbalife trainer?
life coach?
pipe layer?
well foxhole meet drea kelly’s young meat fiance,
brian mckee.
well i got “one”.
he looks different in pictures tho…
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Are You Marrying The Game?

okiguessyou know i love the game.
has anyone been watching his reality show?
i have to admit i never watched the first or current season.
i don’t want it to ruin the image i have in my mind of him.
x the game = my mind
i may give it a shot if the foxhole gives it a pass.
i will not watch lala’s show tho.
marrying the game = yay or nay?

lowkey: his kids are beautiful tho.
a whole hour of that tho…

f0xmail: My Fiance Admitted He Was Gay For Pay. Ain’t He As Good As Gay?


Jamari, I found this question intriguing by some female. She’s been confused and asking questions. I am curious to see what your readers have to say:

I am engaged to this guy who confessed to me just last week that he has had gay sex in the past. He actually confessed after someone else told me about it. He said he did it for money and not because he’s gay. He said his former boss was into men and lured him to have sex with him and after a few romps, gave up on gay sex. He says he’s 100% heterosexual but I can’t get over the fact that he once let a man sleep with him. He said he was tempted by money but I don’t believe any straight man would have gay sex for any reason. I don’t know how to feel about this. These days whenever I see him talking to a guy, I start to imagine them having sex. A man who has had gay sex is gay, right?


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Victor Cruz Gets Big Boners After He Wins Games

especially after he wins big games like the super bowl…

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f0xmail: My Dream Wolf Now Has His Dream Bitch and She Is Pregnant… and I Want Him Back!!! HELP!

Jamari I need your advice….

I’m trying to move on from an Ex but it’s just not as simple as it should be. Let me first tell you about the relationship. Two years ago I moved out to Houston Texas to start a new job. I had no friends and no family so I was basically on my own there. Anyway I met my ex boyfriend who we can refer to as “Dream Wolf” at the Gym…i know typical typical. He was a trainer there and the moment we locked eyes it was fucking magic….Like I was speechless and surprisingly he was too. Dream Wolf is 6’2, mixed, and wonderfully built. Actually at the time he was a part time model and his pictures are all over tumblr….some probably are even on here. Anyway he kept trying to make jokes on the way I lift and give tips and he was pretty funny. I liked him…. we saw each other at the gym a few times before exchanging numbers.

Soon after we started dating and it got so serious that we got a place together last summer. Everything was cool for the first two months, sex was okay, I met his mom, he met mine,I would cook, sometimes he would cook, and basically I built a whole new life with him and his friends. The problem was that he was on the low and about 5 years older than me I was about 22 and he was about 27. No one knew the truth about us except a few female friends which wasn’t a problem until he started having baby fever. It might had to do with him getting closer to 30 but he really wanted a baby and he even brought up the idea of us adopting one together. He was really adamant on the idea. So much so that he started working as a manager at Home depot and basically put modeling aside. He also was willing to help put me through med school when I applied. Ever since then I started having bad feelings over the relationship. I started to think we were moving waaaaay too soon and what sense did it make for us to adopt kids when we’re not out. All of those doubts plus alot of small shit made me want to get out of the relationship. And he was a nice guy about it.

Fast forward a year and “Dream Wolf” now has his “Dream Fiance” pregnant with his “Dream Baby“. We tried to remain friends after the breakup which was cool until he met her. She’s perfect Jamari. Even I like the bitch. But it just got to the point where I couldn’t be friends with him no longer….I got tired of seeing their pictures and posts on FB and twitter. So I tried deleting Dream Wolf from my life which was kinda hard since we have so many mutual friends. And now it seems like everything has been going wrong without him in my life.

I lost my job. I had to relocate back home. I’ve been struggling ever since. I just really feel almost like GOD made this man for me….I through him away….and now he is punishing me. When I think about Jamari…nothing was wrong with Dream Wolf. He was a cornball and even though that got on my nerves I miss that and him. Now that I’m putting my life back together I just feel angry at myself and bitter. Like I have no clue on how to move on????? It’s been 4 months since we last talk and I thought I would be over it but I’m not. I’m so bitter that Im not even open to when other wolves BOLDLY try to holla at me on the street.

I want to know Was I stupid for letting him go?
How do I let him go?
And how do I stop hatting myself and feeling so bitter?
Should I try to be friends again?

Let me know your opinion…



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