f0xmail: My Dream Wolf Now Has His Dream Bitch and She Is Pregnant… and I Want Him Back!!! HELP!

Jamari I need your advice….

I’m trying to move on from an Ex but it’s just not as simple as it should be. Let me first tell you about the relationship. Two years ago I moved out to Houston Texas to start a new job. I had no friends and no family so I was basically on my own there. Anyway I met my ex boyfriend who we can refer to as “Dream Wolf” at the Gym…i know typical typical. He was a trainer there and the moment we locked eyes it was fucking magic….Like I was speechless and surprisingly he was too. Dream Wolf is 6’2, mixed, and wonderfully built. Actually at the time he was a part time model and his pictures are all over tumblr….some probably are even on here. Anyway he kept trying to make jokes on the way I lift and give tips and he was pretty funny. I liked him…. we saw each other at the gym a few times before exchanging numbers.

Soon after we started dating and it got so serious that we got a place together last summer. Everything was cool for the first two months, sex was okay, I met his mom, he met mine,I would cook, sometimes he would cook, and basically I built a whole new life with him and his friends. The problem was that he was on the low and about 5 years older than me I was about 22 and he was about 27. No one knew the truth about us except a few female friends which wasn’t a problem until he started having baby fever. It might had to do with him getting closer to 30 but he really wanted a baby and he even brought up the idea of us adopting one together. He was really adamant on the idea. So much so that he started working as a manager at Home depot and basically put modeling aside. He also was willing to help put me through med school when I applied. Ever since then I started having bad feelings over the relationship. I started to think we were moving waaaaay too soon and what sense did it make for us to adopt kids when we’re not out. All of those doubts plus alot of small shit made me want to get out of the relationship. And he was a nice guy about it.

Fast forward a year and “Dream Wolf” now has his “Dream Fiance” pregnant with his “Dream Baby“. We tried to remain friends after the breakup which was cool until he met her. She’s perfect Jamari. Even I like the bitch. But it just got to the point where I couldn’t be friends with him no longer….I got tired of seeing their pictures and posts on FB and twitter. So I tried deleting Dream Wolf from my life which was kinda hard since we have so many mutual friends. And now it seems like everything has been going wrong without him in my life.

I lost my job. I had to relocate back home. I’ve been struggling ever since. I just really feel almost like GOD made this man for me….I through him away….and now he is punishing me. When I think about Jamari…nothing was wrong with Dream Wolf. He was a cornball and even though that got on my nerves I miss that and him. Now that I’m putting my life back together I just feel angry at myself and bitter. Like I have no clue on how to move on????? It’s been 4 months since we last talk and I thought I would be over it but I’m not. I’m so bitter that Im not even open to when other wolves BOLDLY try to holla at me on the street.

I want to know Was I stupid for letting him go?
How do I let him go?
And how do I stop hatting myself and feeling so bitter?
Should I try to be friends again?

Let me know your opinion…



the past…
the one thing we can go back to and never change.
but, we look at what has happened and what we would like to change.


first things first…
you said a lot of key negative sentences in the email:

  • You had bad feelings about the relationship.
  • The sex was okay (just, okay???)
  • He wanted to do something that you weren’t ready for.
  • He was a cornball
  • Other small shit that made you doubtful.

… reasons that made you not want to be with him.
the relationship seemed doomed after he had “the baby itch“.
imagine what would have happened if you went through with adopting a kid with him?
that could have been an absolute disaster.
that poor baby.
one that you didn’t want to begin with.

okay, so he met someone to live his truth.
something that he was preparing himself for.
hell, he stopped modelling to work at home depot.

home depot, for christ sake!!!
he was preparing himself for his goal.
this is why i believe in the law of attraction.
when you start putting yourself in alignment with what you want,
you start to attract what you desire.

now, you think you are being punished by god.
you are not being punished or receiving karma.
you are dealing with regret.
you are lonely.
you are being bombarded with the wolf’s happiness.
i say get over it and not be an asshole about the situation.
you should be happy for this dude!
he was nice to you,
introduced you to his fiance,
and is living the life he desired.
you didn’t end on bad terms.
honestly, you are being petty and subconsciously being negative,
which is creating your outcome.

do not throw away a friendship.
what he wanted with you is not what you wanted.
get rid of your remorse,
clean your slate,
and be ready for what you want.
you already saying other wolves are tryna holla.
get out there and meet someone that will be what YOU want.
create your plan like he did.

that’s all i got.
comments go…

13 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Dream Wolf Now Has His Dream Bitch and She Is Pregnant… and I Want Him Back!!! HELP!

  1. Why does this sound like one of these fairy tales gay boys come up with? Boy meets guy in gym , guy falls in love with boy and builds a world aroun him so much so he wants a baby
    Anyway one fact people seem to miss out is a lame who hits the gym = a cornball it’s that simple. He was a lame awkward kid before he got abs and arms , he still is just that people tend to see his abs rather than his awkwardness tilllll u get to personally hang out with him . Get yourself another wolf, you’ve grown and now know what you want and don’t want. There rr no fairy tale advice to give u

  2. I usually dont read these email entry’s because the cynic in me, after reading a few of these, never really believes them, it always seems like key details are omitted, or the stories sound far fetch at best, but I am glad I read this entry because the advice you gave about cleaning the slate, letting go of remorse, and creating a plan for your life stood out to me and spoke to me about some things I am dealing with in my own life. I have come to understand that everything in life happens for us to get to another point whether it be good or bad. I think this dude needed to have this experience, so that he can appreciate his next wolf whole-heartily. We all live this life, but its what we learn that is gonna take us to the next level.

  3. I dont really have much to say about this situation in its entirety , but the “okay sex” part shouldnt have been a reason, I feel if you’ve found someone who actually loves you and wants to build a life with u, sex would be something we could work on along with any other problem we may be having… Finding youre ideal wolf is hard… I wouldve taught him how to please me… I dont mind educating my man… not everyone is perfect…

  4. dude life is hard plain and simple. now dont sulk and be bitter be better you seem like a ok dude and the world is full of alpha wolves. go get you a bottle a sack of that loud and live live LIVE. and these words help me when im down from one of my idols (marie antoinette) YOU LET THEM EAT CAKE!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for the advice Jamari and everyone else. Your right in a way I am glad I followed my gut when I know things were getting too much for me. And I am not ready to have kids anytime soon so that really would’ve been a disaster. What’s bothering me though was that dream wolf was low-key MY dream wolf and it scares me that I have no fucking clue on what I want in a man. I really like what you said about the law of attraction…hopefully that kicks in soon because I need a new wolf in my life

  6. First off, you were not stupid for letting him go. You just made a bad decision so quit blaming yourself because you did what you thought was best at the time. You did nothing wrong that you should feel like god is pushing you, he punishes nobody, and karma only comes back if you do wrong to others. You are just feeling the effects of a decision that you made, that’s all. We all make bad decisions every now and then that affect our lives in the long term(especially when we are young), but this is not that big of a deal. I think you should leave out of your life for now because if you don’t it’s not going to be healthy for you. He has moved on with his life and you have to move on with yours as well. He has a fiance and a child on the way, and you will not be able to handle that even if you two only remain friends, especially since you broke up with him because you had your doubts. You’re still young man, there will be other opportunities for you to meet that special one. In this lifestyle you never know who you might meet and you know that.

  7. I wonder if this wolf in question is who I think it is?

    Anyway I agree with Jamari, obviously you guys didn’t want the same thing and you should be happy he found what he was looking for. Now you have to prepare yourself to receive what is for you!

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