Don’t Date Him Fox: Larry Johnson Arrested For Choking Out Ex-Girlfriend

how the mighty have fallen…

now, i wouldn’t talk to him without my hench-wolves present.
as usual, retired nfl player larry johnson found himself in the news for not being able to keep his hands to himself...

1:07 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, Larry’s alleged victim is his ex-girlfriend whom he dated for four years.

We’re told the incident occurred at the Bellagio hotel. When police arrived at the scene around 4am, law enforcement sources tell us, they found the alleged victim crying with visible bruises and scratches on her neck.


Former NFL running back Larry Johnson was arrested in Las Vegas, Nevada this morning for domestic violence … TMZ has learned.

According to Clark County Jail records, Johnson has been accused of strangling someone. It’s unclear who the alleged victim is.

Johnson — who once signed a $45 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs — is being held until he can see a judge tomorrow morning.

32-year-old Johnson has been arrested 4 other times since 2003 — each time he was accused of assaulting a woman.

In 2008, he was sued for allegedly spitting on a woman in a nightclub. He paid $100k to settle that case.

In 2011, LJ was sued for allegedly beating up a man in Miami Beach.

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acting up at the bellagio?????
larry come on…


i bet he can beat it up something serious.
you know the crazy wolves are beasts in beds.
all his vixens need to come equipped with this though:

lowkey: how does he have this bellagio money?
he use to be jay-z sports protege too:

8 thoughts on “Don’t Date Him Fox: Larry Johnson Arrested For Choking Out Ex-Girlfriend

  1. I remember reading something or hearing something when him an Jay-Z shared an apt together back in the day, they were more than just best friends and homeboys, but of course I didn’t believe it, but now I’m saying hmmm. Any man that hits a woman is a PUNK in my book, and he may be fighting some demons that he doesn’t want to deal with, he may not like women at all. Very good looking, at one time rich dude, and always hitting, beating and disrespecting women. It just doesn’t add up, he grew up in a good home, his dad is a well respected football coach at Penn State, Dad must have set the bar in the house about how women were supposed to be treated, and it must have been pretty low. Hopefully Jerry Sandusky didn’t get a hold of him while he was at Penn State, that may explain a lot. Seriously this dude has been a mess for a long time.

  2. Damn ! What a waste of grade A beef. LJ’s body is well put together . He needs to calm down and let me take care of his needs!

  3. damn he was looking right in those two pictures below the mugshot. he doesn’t look horrible in the mugshot , he just looks drunk lol. but damn CODE RED rabid wolf lost his mind.

  4. Larry Johnson is such a has been. Now he has nothing to do with himself so he’s acting out. He looks cute in that second pic.

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