I’m Guessing To Expect All Of The Baller Wolves To Be Stupid?

so everyone meet cardale jones:

he looks like he has alot to say, don’t he?

well, he is upset and i can see why!
all the big books and pencils bother him.
so, he took to twitter to vent his frustration.
look at what he said…

In fairness to Cardale—a well-regarded recruit who has yet to play a down as a freshman—there’s plenty of evidence that courses designed for busy athletes are extremely annoying and essentially pointless. The tweet has since been deleted, so classes or not, Jones learned something today.


poor wolf.
i know his mentions look like a crime scene.

well, no because he erased his twitter instead.
i wonder if all pre and baller wolves are pretty stupid?
they were the jocks in high school.
i thought vixens and foxes did the work/homework for them in exchange for some 50 yard line peen after?


6 thoughts on “I’m Guessing To Expect All Of The Baller Wolves To Be Stupid?

  1. The dumbass that’s why his ass will end up working a minMum wage job .. Dumb fuck why do they let these rejects into college campuses in the first place ? Jamari retweet this comment to his simple ugly ass

  2. Mos def not he brightest bulb one good hit and his career is over next step hauling the grease from the back of KFC. School is important for all athletes especially to know how to handle their funds if and when they make it.

  3. He doesn’t look like the brightest bulb in the socket…po lil tink tink – but he’s honest.

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