Victor Cruz Gets Big Boners After He Wins Games

especially after he wins big games like the super bowl…

go to :22.

very impressed at that rican sausage in those cleats.
big lips.
can move his hips.
thick cack.
and a winner?

his fiance is one lucky vixen.

8 thoughts on “Victor Cruz Gets Big Boners After He Wins Games

  1. Just for one night – we don’t even have to tell the fiancee…Imma have to break my married/engaged men rule

  2. I think if I ever was close to Victor Cruz, he would probably knock me out because it would be hard for me to not reach out and touch his ass, I think I would lose all self-control. This man is just so damn sexy and hot. I hope my man in my mind Braylon Edwards is not reading this 🙂

  3. DAMN! Watching him hard made me hard as hell lol. I’m not gonna lie, I watched the video a few times lol. If I was a teammate near him I would have grabbed it in a jokingly way and be like “yo what’s is that?” LMAO….That would have been a nice time to cop a feel.

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