Brian Mckee: Hollywood Fiance?

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 10.09.57 PMwhen that wolf walked on the scene on #hollywoodexes,
i had to know who he was and what he was about.
herbalife trainer?
life coach?
pipe layer?
well foxhole meet drea kelly’s young meat fiance,
brian mckee.
well i got “one”.
he looks different in pictures tho…

tumblr_n4q08f4dTd1rwuk64o3_250he’s okkkkkkkkkkay.
i like his situation better in motion.
why does “this” seem like a “come up” situation for him tho?
we’ll see.

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Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Brian Mckee: Hollywood Fiance?”

  1. It is so funny to me that people keep saying Brian is young. Brian will be 42 in August. How do I know? Because I as well as anyone who grew up in Chatham know him from Chicago. This is not a hater speaking this is someone that knows all the tea on Mr. McKee.

  2. He’s cute, but I wouldn’t mind to have a threesome with him and the dark skin wolf like a triple chocolate cake with me in the middle.

  3. @Jamari: You know that’s not it. There’s no chemistry between these cougars and these young dudes. He doesn’t even look like the type she goes for either. I still don’t believe Shaunie O’Neal and that dude are dating. Their scenes together on the show were so stale.

    I’m trying to think of a couple with a younger guy and an older woman where you could see the connection. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore seemed legit, but even he traded up for Mila Kunis eventually.

    You following that Tae Hackard, Teyana Taylor, Brandon Jennings triangle? She’s 36 and he’s 24 and they’re supposed to be engaged?! What could they possibly have in common? Tae is gorgeous but when I see pics of her with Nelly and Brandon I don’t feel she’s interested in them or men in general. She seems like she’s just looking for a come up.

  4. He’s alright, I like them a lot darker though, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.

  5. Oh lord. These dudes are always triple threats. It’s either actor, model, singer or actor, model, trainer.

    *rolls eyes

  6. Please, he was obviously provided by the show. These reality tv shows cast models/actors just like the scripted ones.

      1. No offense, but Drea doesn’t attract men like this, not even saying he’s all that, but he doesn’t even look like her type. He’s probably either getting a little check to film with her or doing it for exposure. These models will tell you reality shows cast them for love interests.

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