Hey Kids! Another “D4D” Hookup Story! (Gather Round)

Z1NPCBEAT06C“d4d” meaning “death for dick”.
yes everyone,
add another “online hook app gone wrong” to the foxhole archives.
this time it involves the victim,
dino dizdarević,
and the online app of choice,

On Wednesday, April 30th, Dizdarević told his boyfriend, Nick McBee, with whom he was in an open relationship, he was driving to Chester to meet a man he’d met on the app. McBee began to fear the worst when the night wore on and he hadn’t heard anything from him. “He was a responsible person. He always called to let me know where he was,” he says. “I knew something was wrong.”

McBee filed a missing person’s report with the Philadelphia Police Department on Thursday morning, and was called to identify a body in Chester that matched the description. It was Dizdarević, though, according to sources close to the couple, he had been beaten so severely that he was only able to be identified from his clothing.

So far no arrests have been made in the case, and it is not being investigated as a hate crime. DA Whelan tells me, however, that “we heard through the grapevine he may have been part of the gay community. We don’t know if he was targeted because of that, but we’re looking at any avenue necessary.”

dino and his boyfriend were together since 2012.
now that grindr and jack’d have become so popular,
espeically with vixens signing up and some gays are super thristy,
its no surprise that all these incidents are happening now.
hooking up is definitely not what it use to be.
if you do decide to say “fuck it!” and get on,
please remember these foxy tips i use to follow when i wanted to get off:

1) always tell someone you trust where you are going,
who you are seeing,
and even give the phone number of the individual you are hooking up with.
i use to have this thing with star fox.
i’d text him to call me if it wasn’t to my standards.
as soon as he called,
i’d make up some story and bail.

2) always trust your spirit.
if it doesn’t feel right then it probably isn’t.
sometimes we don’t trust that voice that is nagging inside.
it could be trying to save your ass.

3) im gonna suggest it and you don’t have to agree.
go to a hotel,
or holiday innnnnn.
go half.
make him pay.
you pay.
everything will be documented,
cameras are everywhere,
and a trail can be found if something happens.
you old enough to get that dick then you are also old enough to get a room.

4) if it’s too good to be true online,
then it may just be.
just because they have a TON of pictures means they are genuine either.
the goal of the killer is to get you to trust him.

be careful out in these streets.
i don’t want to have to write about you.

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Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “Hey Kids! Another “D4D” Hookup Story! (Gather Round)”

  1. Those tips are 100%. Absolutely. Especially on the hotel part. Can I add to also bring a taser or mace or something to protect yourself with. I remember one of my El Salvadorian vixen friends was going out with a dude she met off of facebook and she took a chef knife with her lmao. Skype/oovoo/facetime with that nigga first to make sure he is real.

  2. Now see…

    Open relationship…
    “He was a responsible person…”

    Au revoir, garçon.

  3. and might i add something…I’m from Philadelphia, born and raised and this story made me teary eyed when i first read it because if you’ve ever met someone online this could have been your fate as well…However EVERYONE in Philly knows that Chester, PA is NOT a good area…don’t get me wrong they have good areas but overall Chester is off the hook.., West Chester is upper classs and nice, but Chester has a high murder rated and etc..Secondly they didn’t find it odd that he was driving to Chester, when Philly is the bigger city, has more options and for entertainment and chester is a little township right outside of Philly….lastly i feel his boyfriend should have went with him…i never tried Grindr or Jacked because i felt having a location based mobile app was stupid and threatening just like i dont understand why idiots check in into locations on FB, like why are you letting people you dont know personally your every move and etc.Be smart people have common sense and lastly it’s NOT that fucking deep for the last few months i havent been really doing anything via a4a or etc im starting not to trust people at all

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