Anyone Can Fuck In An Elevator Tho (2018 Spring Break)

*the following entry is parental advisory.
viewer discretion is strongly advised

freaknik and black spring break,
but in the 90s tho.
that’s when folks could be ratchet without any evidence.
you could go down there and drink,
and fuck until you couldn’t do it anymore.
you come back home and act like it all never happened.
i heard it use to get wild af back then.
ask your parents and older family members.
as a cub hearing these legendary stories,
i wished i could have seen it for myself.
social media has been in a gasp.
folks was talking about this video down in miami for ’18 spring break

…but from what i “had” heard about those 90s events tho,
^that was rather tame.
spring break is where folks let loose anyway:

i’m confused as to why others are confused.
to all the foxholers…

Do you have any good spring break stories?

i’d love to read em!

lowkey: i heard freaknik was where it was at…

it looked like pure nonesense and i’ll allow it all.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Anyone Can Fuck In An Elevator Tho (2018 Spring Break)”

  1. Chile……freaknik in the 90s used to be TURNT!! I remember those days WELL!! The elevator video tho, I’m here for it! Dude was doing his thang and had a nice tail and stroke

      1. It started getting out of hand. People getting raped, claiming to have gotten raped, drug overdoses, vandalizing hotels and businesses, all kind of arrests for lewd and indecent public sex acts… the list could go on. It got to be too much so they banned them

      2. Yes! As DaRealist said there wer a lot of sexual crimes being committed, drugs, and vandalism. A lot of people (women) were saying they’d been raped…and nothing was being done.
        Color played a part in it as well. Businesses and homeowners didn’t like the influx of blacks each year either, and the law enforcement behind that foolishness became very aggressive from local police.
        We do have a tendency to go overboard, but not as much as white kids. They’re MUCH more destructive than blacks, especially when their asses get drunk.

  2. I lived in ATL for part of the ’90’s and Freaknik was a mess. If you had needed a college id to participate it might still be going on. It was ended when the typical participant became a 35yo “college student” and his string of way too young prostitutes. It was basically NBA ALL-star Weekend for people who couldn’t afford to get into clubs. The rapes were real. The overdoses were real. The college paraphernalia was generally not. There also seems to be some evidence that Freaknik accelerated the departure of middle class Blacks from the city of Atlanta for the saner suburbs. That is why ATL is no longer a chocolate city and a white republican just came within a few hundred votes of being elected mayor. Just as white spring break gave birth to Girls Gone Wild, Freaknik birthed Wordstar Hiphop.

    1. And this is so true lol! Such a hard concept to wrap ya brain around it goes to show you youth is very fleeting and bet half of the people in that video never saw it coming so quickly but it’s here and btw we’re next lol!

  3. Being a young kid growing up in 90s Atlanta I got a front seat to the crazy without having to go far. There used to be traffic James for hours with people getting buck wild on the highway.

    1. Those was the good old days. I was in high school during that time. I wanted to go so bad, but I was to young at the time.

  4. Disgusting. I have Thotish tendencies but only in my mind and with my bf in our privacy. Never in public. This is Neanderthal behavior.

  5. Damn, I always wanted to attend Freaknik. Can you just imagine the homo sex parties that was happening. lol And to just see straight dude flashing bitches on the street. Damn, I bet it was crazy. lol

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