Oh Deer (I’m Ugly Sobbing)

so as you know i love animals.
i saw this video of this deer and…

i know that animals have to eat each other,
but how depressing is that?
that poor deer was just sitting there as it’s getting eaten.
is it even feeling that pain?
i wish most animals could be vegetarians.

lowkey: i watch this channel on youtube every day.
i’m sure i cry each time.
i love to watch animals get rescued and find happiness.

( x the dodo )

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Oh Deer (I’m Ugly Sobbing)”

  1. Deer meat is pretty good if it’s cooked right. I’d you really wanna hear and read horror story, read about how many folks in Africa get eaten by lions and how some prides have began to hunt and eat humans exclusively.

    Apparently, they have to go through the national park to get into a better area for jobs or something of the sort and well…

    Life is rough for some folks these days.

    I also heard that wolves will eat you alive as well. I once read an account, very old (when wolves were more widespread). two black workers in 1820 were walking on a road at night along the Ohio River in Kentucky when they were attacked by a pack of wolves. They found off and killed three but one them got caught and the other escaped into a tree where he heard the caught fella screaming as he was consumed. Only blood and bones were left in the morning.

    We should all be grateful this day and age we don’t have to deal with that.

    1. @Jammy..There is a doc about that. It’s Mozambique refugees that have to cross into South Africa’s Kruger National Park and they can only do it at night when lions are most active. Also in certain parts of Tanzania, as you said, lions actively hunt and eat humans. Some of those stories of lions going into villages, breaking into people’s houses and pulling them out is chilling. I was in Africa two years ago and was in a reserve in a tent and heard lions roaring every night. It was awesome but terrifying at the same time.

      Jamari, Hyenas also eat their prey alive and their just savage. The worst is when they catch a pregnant one and pull out the baby.

      There is a even a town in Ethiopia where villagers feed hyenas at night. Crazy! https://youtu.be/EoQbjNlJ_0w

  2. Shit, let me tell you. IF you dont want Nat Geo Wild its crazy. I love me some Nat Geo Wild. Anyways, If you are a prey animal, the WORSE type of predator to kill you are dogs, bc they simply eats you alive. Big cats at least asphyxiate yo ass. lol

  3. @Jamari. at this point the deer is in shock. So, it probably not feeling anything. Crazy thing is. It will continue to live until the dog start to eat a major organ.

  4. @Jamari. Yes, shock is supposed to prevent pain but when it happens depends…..it’ like that with humans as well depending on the circumstances. Case and point, a Russian girl and her father were attacked by a mother bear and its cub..the father was killed and the girl was critcally injured. Per the story, she called her mother on the cell phone with all her remaining strength. During this time, the mother bear and infant started eating her alive.

    Her words on the phone to her mother were “mom help me..it hurts so bad. They’re eating me.”

    The mother thought her daughter was joking until she heard the bear sounds and crunching…some while later, the girl must have went into shock, as her final words were…It’s okay Mom, it doesn’t hurt anymore.

    After a search party was dispatched, they found what was left of both of them.

    1. ^OMG!!!!!!!!
      that is so sad!!!!!

      that is wild.
      i’m wondering if this is how humans die when critically injured.
      do they do into shock when we think they’re dealing with such pain?

      1. Maybe, maybe not. I hear Cancer is painful until you finally die. It really all depends. I heard that back in the day when they used to execute you by chopping off your head..i.e. “Off with his head”, you would still be alive for a few seconds afterwards. Allegedly, you would see your surroundings roll (from your head getting chopped off) before your brain actually got the memo and you just died.

        It really depends. If you’ve ever broken a bone…you’ll know alright..lol

        1. ^oh Jesus…

          i did watch my parents suffer at the end from their cancers so there is truth to that.
          that story about that girl getting eaten by the bear fucked me up.

      2. Me too. But folks over there be having to survive sometimes. Daily activities like taking a bath, washing clothes at the river or working in the forest just to make money to provide for your family. Could be your last day. Tigers, Lions, Hyenas, and Lord them big azz Crocodiles be snatching them up in Africa and India like paper. Just last year a snake swallowed an entire man at night. Big azz snake. Shyt over there is fawking big… Once we go into the wilderness, we are no longer on the top of the food chain anymore, I can tell you that.


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