Solange Signed To Roc Nation Sports (Kick Boxer)

beyonce-chunliis the pretty picture starting to crumble…?
so i’m getting up to go pee after doing my regular work,
a piss i was holding all morning,
when my emails start going off like crazy.
“did you see…”
“solange and jay z…”
“omg jamari look at this on tmz…”
i immediately went back and sat down.
the pee could wait.
so i’m sure you saw solange spinning star kickin’ jay z in this elevator at the standard hotel.
beyonce being a witness to the madness.
it gives a new meaning to “ring the alarm”


solange was up in his face like a DUDE.
jay was kinda shook.
you woulda thought she was an actual brooklyn chick.
not the hipster one she plays on tv.
look at the strut to the car:

like everyone else,
is wondering wtf happened to cause this?
some say jay put his hands on b.
i don’t think so.
i feel like jay z was caught cheating or was disrespectful to b.
solange is ryde or die for her sis.
beyonce has always been very passive.
you notice she just stood there in the elevator?
i think that’s what disturbed me the most and was rather telling.
your sister is breaking her foot off in your husband’s ass and…
the damn bag hit her in the head and she is standing there like:

“don’t step on my dress please.”

tumblr_inline_mmde4c9hP61qz4rgpthe body language in this video was also very telling as well.
its almost like she was okay with solange giving him the business.
(see: 0:16, 0:30, 0:52, 2:41 )

there was a point where even b and solange looked like they was addressing jay about something.

tumblr_m411tm0KQN1qma32qo2_400his side whore he had at the met ball maybe?
jay looks like he keeps a few whores on his roster.
well all i know is i’m ready for the audio and a conclusion to this future beyonce f/ solange song:


shout out to julius for regulating that nonsense.
of course i couldn’t NOT post the social media jokes:

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19 thoughts on “Solange Signed To Roc Nation Sports (Kick Boxer)”

  1. She tore him up in that elevator. I was like “DAAAAMMMNN” while grinning the whole time lol. If I could have been a fly that night, I knew where I would have been. I know Beyonce is embarrassed, and I heard Solange deleted all her pictures of Bey on her instagram.

    I think Jay and Beyonce’s marriage has been over, and now they are just together for publicly. Remember, they are private, so if they ever break up we won’t know bout it, and a divorce will spark a lot of media attention.

    My mother always said, “what is done in the dark, will come to the light.”

    1. ^i think they are heading towards a divorce.
      she has been looking sad.
      the pictures at the met ball look even worst.
      she looked sad in her eyes.
      one thing i will say,
      she is always “on” and camera ready.
      she did not miss a beat with that smile after witnessing the foolishness in the elevator.

  2. it just goes to show you everyone has their issues, no matter how perfect everything on the surface seems to be. I know B’s camp is mad this came out cuz there is no denying the video footage. And Yes I agree I think Jay did something because B did nothing to stop Solo from going off at him.

  3. Same.

    Either they’re used to her doing that or she caught Jay-Z doing something he wasn’t supposed to.

    B and J will probably try to stop the audio before it comes out. If there is audio.

    Them memes tho. [laugh]

    1. Both. That was not the first incident.

      Solange was a wild woman, she didn’t waste no damn time. Jay couldn’t even get two feet in the elevator. I was rolling at 0:16-0:22. She was all over him. Feet sliding everywhere. Solange is a real chick, and I like that.

      1. Well you know how tmz is. I heard they got secret connects that work all around celeb hot-spots. Including hospitals. The person that helped release this footage probably got a big payday from tmz

  4. I say that! I was like “YOOOOO!” Jay Z had to be caught doing something or saying something that rubbed Solange the wrong way. For Bey not to stop her speaks volumes. Like tame your sister….so she must agree with why she was going off. I don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, so I can’t judge. I like them as a couple (because of their privacy among other things), so I hope they aren’t heading to divorce court. Hopefully somebody explains something for the public’s sake. lol

  5. When I saw this, I fell out! Solange caught Hov doing something he’s not supposed to. She went in on him! The memes had me dying tho!!!

  6. Well Jay and Bey just took Solange’s son to the Nets game Saturday so things must not be too bad. This obviously is not the first time this has happened nobody looked Shocked.

  7. Solange is about that life, H-Town 5th Ward stand up and represent for the Geto Boyz and drop them 5th Ward Bee’s on em Solange. LOL. I think he might have said something about that ugly ass dress she had on from the Tina Knowles collection and that was Mama Tina signature piece from the spring collection and she went Fed on that Ass, dont nobody talk about Mama Tina fashion designs and live to see another day. Po Blue Ivy though, you know Solange was her main babysitter/nanny and that was her only source of income. I guess they will call Michelle to be the new Nanny.

  8. where there’s smoke, there’s fire… something just aint right with this whole situation. Bey looked like she was just “there” while her sister was going HAM. My common sense tells me that even if this happened before, if Solange was wrong Bey would have done more to get between them. Sometimes when you’re hurt you go numb…I know all couples have their moments…wild

  9. Us Weekly is reporting before the elevator scene Solange got into a verbal tug of war with fashion designer Rachel Roy who is also the ex wife of Jay Z’s friend/enemy Damon Dash.
    So maybe Jay Z say something to Rachael who by the way was the same designer Solange wore and accompanied at the Met Gala in 2012. I’m not sure if Solange and Rachel are still friends tho.
    My other theory is if Rachel and Solange are not friends anymore she (Sol) may have said something spiteful to Rachel or the other way and being drunk/drugs (allegedly) Jay try to correct her or insist they kept moving, and Solange wasn’t really feeling it and turn on him once they got in the elevator.
    This doesn’t look good at all for the involved parties. There have been reports allegedly circulating in the Music industry Solange has burn a lot of bridges according to The Insider. But no one speaks out because of her family Bey and Jay.

  10. the first things that came me were:
    a) how much did they get paid to leak that? and
    b) why did they sit on this for a while week?

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