Do NOT Send Naked Pictures To Tank!


tanktank is so short.
look i know one of these nights,
you gonna be all horny while listening to tank’s music.
you alone and feeling freaky.
you say to yourself:
why don’t i send my situation to thank for review?”
yeah that will get you exposed by tank in these internet streets.
just like this MINISTER who sent tank his peen shot on instavideo…

photo-67 photo-681267017590_concert-failyeah.
all kinds of fail.

tank is a sexy wolf so i can see why,
but let this be a lesson to the thirsty:


it may work for some,
but you’ll get embarrassed by others.
have some couth.
thanks to the vix-bi who updated me with this ratch.

lowkey: the internet keeps exposing ratchets left and right.

post from: rhymes with snitch

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “Do NOT Send Naked Pictures To Tank!”

  1. Yes, Tank is a sexy seasoned wolf. I don’t know what the hell that minister was thinking. See tho. The people screaming about gays going to hell are doing the most low down shit themselves. I can’t tell you how many times a preacher came on to another man’s wife when he was supposed to be counseling them.


  2. Chile summa these girls wont stop, these kids nowadays…….anyways, yes I saw “tank” (more like an armored car) in an airport somewhere in the past and i was like, Is THAT “Tank” I saw clean over his head. He probably packing though…He’s definitely right about airing this queen out over this BS

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