so about that kevin portillo interview i was so hype about

so i want to apologize to the foxhole.
this might be my fault opening my big fingers tho.
when i get excited about something big for the foxhole,
i want the forests to know.
so this is in regards to kevin portillo

as you know,
we were supposed to have an interview a few weeks back.
some didn’t believe it was him in my comments,
but we spoke on the phone and even in dms.
a lot of folks read my blog,
or get alerted when i font about them,
including some celebs.
i’ve had many hit me up because i wrote about them and you all dm’d the entry.
kevin had laptop issues and was waiting for a fix.
the rona has held up a lot of production everywhere.
this isn’t a slander entry because he was very cool when we spoke.

Shit just fell through

that seems to be my 2020 tbh.
things i thought were gonna go in one direction ended up not happening,
but some new shit happens that ends up being much better.
one thing about me is i keep it moving.
i learned to do it with males,
and past situations.
i guess it comes with the many disappointments i’ve had throughout life.
it might hurt my feelings,
but it has made me the fox i am today.
i’m usually optimistic for the next opportunity.
i was really excited in interviewing him tho.
you already know i had questions and a power point ready.
the interview could still happen in the future,
but since i haven’t heard from him,
there is nothing on the agenda with a solid date.

i figured i’d let the foxhole know since i went announcing it on my ig.
you all deserve an update as to why it didn’t go down.
right now,
the podcast is also on a small hiatus as well.

It seems to be a lot of pause in my life at the moment.

i keep asking God why,
but i think it’s happening for a reason.
maybe it’s a good thing because we can come back refreshed and renewed.
sidebar: i learned how to edit the podcast today!
karaoke usually does it,
but i wanted to learn so i can do it when she can’t.
thank you all for being patient with me.
it’s always appreciated!

9 thoughts on “so about that kevin portillo interview i was so hype about

  1. He gives off a vibe that seems genuine. A lot of men that look like he does project the air about them thst they are God’s gift, he doesn’t project that to me. He seems like a decent guy.

  2. Take your time, follow the schedule that works for you, and the Foxhole will roll right along with you.

  3. I mean what’s so difficult about opening up a laptop and logging into zoom ?

  4. I wouldn’t interview my future husband either. Have to separate business and pleasure. Not everything is worth sacrificing for the betterment of your brand.

      1. I don’t even remember what he said but I know it was long and well-articulated. I bet he sends long, thoughtful texts. He also gives “I love beautiful women. Why do we need labels? I’m attracted to energy.” Mark my words, he gives pansexual or at least comfortable in his sexuality”. You heard it here first.

          1. Just don’t be like Wendy. Saying she doesn’t want to be friends with celebrities than she went Hollywood after her divorce and all her mess is in the streets. Her spat with Nene is tacky.

            The best and worst and in-between that happens to Jamari should NEVER make it to the Foxhole. Keep it close to the vest and your head on his chest.

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