imagine your 12th birthday present was your d*ck sucked from an older woman? (oh boosie…)

something about ^this one is off.
rapping jackal,
is off.
he is on demon time,
and i’m not fonting onlyfans.
so boosie was talking about training his 12 and 13 year old nephews to be better “men”.
by better men,
he meant getting their dicks sucked by grown ass women.
eastfeed” gave us the content for review…


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Oh, #wow.

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i swear this gif can be always used for him for every entry:


i understand that many of us have struggling,
or struggled,
with our sexuality.
we say and do shit to throw others off the scent.
i get it.

Been there
Done that
The shirt is hanging up somewhere in my closet

there was a point in my young life you couldn’t get me in a room with other gay males.
in all of my own self hatred,
i felt like i would explode and all my secrets would fly out of my body.
i can’t say that’s the same for boosie but…

He is OFF

how you gonna sit your big age up on a damn ig live and say that shit?
he calls a grown ass woman over to suck the dicks of his 12 and 13 year olds.
i felt i was in an alternate universe when he said that shit.
he wasn’t talking about training them to be good in school,
or even being rappers.
this fool talmbout training them to be hyper sexual.
that is some straight up pedophilia and it’s baffling he thinks its okay to say this out loud.
my thing is:

They get head.
What’s next?

does that make them “men”?
is his version of a man someone who gets a lot of pussy?
plenty of dl males get head and pussy from vixens everyday b.

that don’t mean they aren’t fantasizing about deep diving into my fox tail.
don’t even get me started on the comments “straight” males have said about my lips.

i feel like people around boosie don’t like him.
i think folks are waiting for him to say the wrong thing so he can get caught up.
once he does,
they are gonna turn on him.
it puzzles me no one has thrown his phone in the toilet.
even if he was trying to claw their eyes out,
if folks really like and respect you,
they will make sure you aren’t out here looking crazy af.

I feel for those boys because this is gonna fuck them up mentally

that is straight up molestation and it bizarre that boosie says this shit out loud.
if those were girls,
he would have had an electric force field and a hail of bullets around them.
imagine a grown ass woman talmbout about she let some man give her 13 year old daughter head?


low-key: WHERE.

29 thoughts on “imagine your 12th birthday present was your d*ck sucked from an older woman? (oh boosie…)

  1. I just read today that he also admitted showing his son(s) porn(which is also a crime) when the boy was was 9 or 10. Also showing the boy how to put on a condom and saying his son(s) won’t be “No Lil Nas X”.

    So this idiot thinks his 12 year old son being sexually abused by a grown woman or watching porn is going to make sure that he doesn’t “turn gay”.SMH

    1. Talk about sexualizing children, this dusty MF could write the book on it (if he can write). He shouldn’t be anywhere near children!

  2. I get annoyed just reading about him online. CPS plus law enforcement should have already intervened. Additionally, those boys need to be tested for STDs immediately for their health and safety. It is safe to say these two young men will be hypersexual and psychologically scarred for life.

  3. Where’s the police? Where’s child services? He needs to get lose his kids & his parental rights cause he’s clearly unfit to be a father. Big ole closet case queen! And find them hoes who had sex with these KIDS and throw them bitches in jail too!

    1. So hire a toothless older prostitute now. That magical slurp will make you straight! Get you a nursing home hussy with no teeth to suck the gay right out of you! Then marry a woman and have kids. Just don’t threaten to murder the gay men you cheat on her with when you inevitably like men again, Mr I Ain’t Gay No More!

  4. Everything about him screams demonic. He has all of the makings of a predator. Like that women who raped that boy to “turn him straight: in Texas.

  5. He’s on tape. He’s on video. He’s on record. This is a case for the state, county or city department child protection to investigate. It seems like child abuse to me.

  6. You know what is interesting…??? All the “pro-black” talking heads of YouTube had SO much to say about Dwade and Gabrielle’s parenting, even accusing them of “pushing sexuality on their child,” Zaya. But are miraculously silent about this…. They’re concern about “sexualizing children” is only limited to “that gay shit” apparently.

  7. I hope the police and child protective services start an investigation because that’s statutory rape and he facilitated the rape of underage boys.Those boys were sexually exploited/abused.Legally they are too young to give consent.I feel sorry for them for having him for a father.
    I wonder what he does to his daughters to turn them into women.As perverted as he sounds I have no doubt his daughter have observed or heard some inappropriate sh*t

    1. DCF needs to get involved. Unfortunately nothing will happen, because DFC and departments like that are so overwhelmed. They could make a visit and he could deny the situation and have his kids and nephew lie for him. This whole situation is digusting and depressing.


    1) Boosie has Homo Sexual Tendencies that he is aware of . It rears itself with his actions!

    2) He saw these same traits in his son and nephew!

    3) He hired the Prostitute/RAPIST !!!! to ensure that his son/nephew could perform Heterosexual acts!

    4) Oh ,, He has low intelligence and needs help ( He does hard drugs Look at his eyes)

    1. Boosie ass been locked up too damn long. The way he was describing dude getting fucked in jail means he was watching long enough to know. He either went back and beat off or he low key got some head. It didn’t fuck him up that bad if he said dude was grabbing the ankles and riding the fuck out that dick, you obviously liked it to watch that long! Then turn around and said he was riding the fuck out that dick, yeah ok. If I walk into somebody getting it in and it makes me sick, I don’t know the details because I left so he either stayed and listened while he beat off or he watched them.

  9. As mean as this sounds, I consider men and women like Boosie loathsome. All of them need to be wiped from the Earth because they are no benefit to no one.

    He’s the reason I don’t jump on the bandwagon every single time a black man dies.

    If he gets shot, he’ll be praised and mourned deeply, despite killing and drugging his own people and singing about living a detestable lifestyle of homophobia, sexism, and crass mannerisms.

    The whole dick sucking thing do be happening though. I had an old friend who was a virgin and his sweaty, fat ass ratchet cousin paid a prostitute to suck his dick, then fuck him cause he didn’t want him to turn into a faggot. I haven’t seen him in maybe like 15 years but before that relative came, he used to be very sensible and free-spirited. I moved from my hometown long ago but my best friend still there and he told me how much he changed.

      1. He changed his lifestyle, outlook on life and started hanging and messing with the wrong folks.

        My friend said before then he got him a job to work at the same place he was. Said he acted as if he had no drive to work or didn’t care. He also said the hiring managers talked about him because he would be at work talking to himself.

        By talking to himself my friend said he was having full conversations. I dunno what ever else his relative put him through but his behavior changed. I haven’t seen him in years though but my friend said at one point he just stopped taking care of himself and now lives with his mom.

        He tried to talk to him about some things but said he acted hostile with him.

        From what my friend told me, he was the exact opposite of how I remember. That boy used to be easy going, humble and open minded and when the hood demon came and “opened” his mind, he was never the same again. This was many years ago after high school but as I said he was a sweet dude. Very nice.

        I always saw him as the type to find a nice wife, get married and have kids. Not be a grown man going on 30 living with his mom in the state he’s in.

  10. Jamari, hun, I’m not surprised about those “Straight” men commenting on your lips, especially after that peek-a-boo tease surprise you gave us. What did they say about your lovely mouth?

  11. He’s beyond a fucked up individual at this point and I really wish CPS would’ve given him a visit by now. And he’s not fooling anyone into thinking he’s straight when all he thinks about is gay folks and the gay sex he witnessed in prison, which he seems to recollect so vividly. He’s yet another homophobic closet case and I’m waiting for his number to be called.

      1. Lil Boosie I find your virulent homophobia particularly amusing in view of the fact that your name, “Lil Bossie”, is used when a dude wants to fuck another dude: How about a lil Boosie Baby? Let me hit that Boosie. Let me put this dick in that Bossie bitch, etc. Moreover, Lil Boosie you can wrap those thick-n-juicy Boosie lips around this dick. Make me cum in yo mouth
        Lil Boosie….yes…that’s it….suck it Boosie…yes Lil Boosie…now put it to the back of your throat…. ooooooh Baby….I want a Lil Boosie, let me hit it from the back Baby…

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