eat my soft and chewy cookies and give me some milk after or…?

the following gives a new meaning to the late bernie mac‘s joke on the kings of comedy:

“Let me get some milk and cookies”

regardless of calling each other girls all day,
gay males are still males at the end of the day.
straights love to think they different but we have the same wiring.
this comment made sense to me:

the straights can’t say certain things to some gays without the 90s porn music going off,
especially this

i mean,
let’s be real:

Once we hear something like that,
we are automatically test the waters.

“He said my cookies are so good that he would throat me up?
That sounds like he is throwing out a hint he might be on the low.
Lemme get my ass in this kitchen tonight.”

let’s not act like DL or discreet males don’t throw out hints in the wild.
in a world where some males are wearing masks,
this is usually how they communicate when they want to beat our batter.
it’s always a male we are high-key attracted to cock teasing smh.
the vixens be sniggling and giggling with “boy stop” after.
we be ready to go right there.

Wild tho that some 100% straights act gay to be trendy nowadays.
Doesn’t it have some of us all discombobulated?
do you wanna smash me or are you doing a Tiktok?
Whats going on here?

this is how we know they want some of our “milk and cookies”.

lowkey: men,
regardless of sexual orientation,
are still men and we want sex.