you aren’t wrong; you were just treated wrong

Everything wrong with us started with those who raised us.

many of us don’t listen to that little voice inside.

we never learned to trust that voice.
in fact,
that was beaten out of us for being “asking too much questions“.
when we were young,
we were blank slates full of curiosity.
many of us knew right from wrong but we were punished for it.

We knew our fathers were cheating when we went to “that lady’s house”
We knew our mothers were doing drugs when she would “take her medicine”
We knew our uncle/aunt was weird when they kept touching us “because we were so handsome”

when we found our voice to say something,
more than likely,
it was shot down and was used against us by the entire family or school.
you know how it goes when we are outnumbered.
i want you to know something…

In order to hear God speak to us,
we need to listen to that voice within us

it’s alerting us about danger,
its a calmness within the storm you are facing,
it’s telling you to do something even though you are scared af or…

It’s letting you know that guy is interested in you even though he is acting otherwise

we have to learn to trust ourselves because 98% of the time,
God is speaking through our foxy/wolf/hybrid senses.

We want to be wrong because we were told we were wrong when we were kids.

…but what happens when we want to be wrong when we feel we’re right?
are we excited to be wrong to prove our parents they are never right?
even though we were right about things they or others did,
our brains are rewired to think we are the problem all along.

on the flip side,
sometimes we are wrong
because of what we were taught as well.
if we have been treated unfairly by people from childhood,
and we hold onto a mental image that people ain’t shit or don’t get what we want,
we will cast everyone and everything as the enemy even when they aren’t.

It’s time for many of us to confront our shadows.
We will font about that later.