colton underwood came, came again, and is off the market

the following was quick but i’m not surprised.
colton underwood was straight,
went gay,
and met his partner…

he is now married


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…with an entire sponsored situation to boot.


aaah to have the privilege.
colton looks like he came (literally) for one thing.

The ring.
The life.
The retirement.

white gay males move like their white vixen counterparts tbh.
if you ever see them in corporate america,
you know how they get down.
many of them were taught to secure the bag.
corporate white vixens should not be confused with bbc lovin’ white vixens.
those are two different beasts and were taught two different ideas.
they both have the same privilege tho.

they aim for the biggest wolf or whoever will help them get situated.
they are at every happy hour to meet another potential.
they may have fun but they have an end game in mind.
seeing these kinds of things makes me sigh because unfortunately…

Many black gays will probably never be lucky to have this.
No sponsorships by Tequilla.
No spread in People.

…unless it’s attached to a white male and this “love story“.
everything is a mess but congrats to colton and his husband.

Author: jamari fox

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    1. Yeah true, but this post is true. You don’t see this same level of support (financially or media wise) for attractive black gays or Asian gays, etc.
      It’s frustrating.

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