so they put tyler james williams on the witch hunt now?

from a kid,
i have been part of a vicious witch hunt.
i was never like the other boys so i was a target.
i had no peace in school or with some family members.
it led to a lot of self-esteem issues,
internalized homophobia,
and depression.
i can’t even count the number of times i wanted to die,
cursing God for not making me like everyone else.
all i wanted to be under the radar so i tried my hardest to mute my colors.
that didn’t even help.
one of the stars of abbott elementary and everybody hates chris,
tyler james williams,
has been under a witch hunt.
he fonted what needed to be fonted on his ig

the black community is notorious for this.
many people are always trying to find out,
and/or embarrass,
anyone who people think is gay.

Do you know how many males I’ve met,
many that were attracted to me,
or are part of The Foxhole that have experienced this?

the worst part is other innocent people catch strays because of it.
i’ve gotten my feelings hurt by males who didn’t wanna be guilty by association.
it isn’t a good feeling when you are thrown under the bus.
it isn’t a good feeling when the man of your dreams dismisses you,
puts you in a real-life “appearing offline” mode,
and goes off to be “straight“.
i’m glad tyler addressed this but will it change?

lowkey: must read on how to handle someone’s coming out…


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4 thoughts on “so they put tyler james williams on the witch hunt now?

  1. There is so much ignorance going on in the black community that I’m so glad he spoke on it and if one person can change their viewpoint on it or it brings conversation then I’m all for it. I definitely experienced the witch hunt and I’ve participated in a few witch hunts out of my own perceived hurt and insecurities. I had friends who enjoyed getting the tea about this one or the other and I fed them information. I’m not proud of being messy or petty and I stopped once I had a real heart to heart with myself about my own projected crap and because I realize I’m causing unnecessary pain and my love life felt the karma. We gotta stop being our own worst enemies. Stop being so gotdamn ignorant and needy and do the work as Iyanla says to heal and be better to ourselves and one another.

  2. I just read a beautiful post from one of Tyler’s younger brothers describing what a great/ supportive big brother he is.Both of Tyler’s younger brothers are members of the LGBTQ+ community so this is especially personal to him.
    I will send it to you.

    1. 👁️👁️❤️👁️👁️TJW! He is so talented and seems to be so nice. These Nelly ass punks should take a whole theater of seats and back the fug up off Tyler. Every damn body ain’t a simpering whimpering saucy safflower sack of wissiness. Let the man alone!

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