aaron taylor-johnson says it’s my calvins or he wears nothing (i’ll vote for nothing)

when he is clean cut,
aaron taylor-johnson drives me wild.
he is probably my white wolf crush atm.
i’m not really into this long hair situation as of late tho:

aaron said hold my beer cause he is next up for his take on “my calvins”

michael b. jordan did it better tbh.
it’s the long blonde hair thats bugging me.
he needs facial hair to really set him off right.
his bawdy is crazy tho.
we already know he has a big penis and nice cakes on the side.
the whole shoot is giving:

The struggling model/dancer who lives down in LES that fucks you stupid,
likes his tail eaten,
and talks to you about the stars or some shit for pillow talk.

i’ll allow it.

pictures credit: calvin klein

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “aaron taylor-johnson says it’s my calvins or he wears nothing (i’ll vote for nothing)”

  1. I miss curly haired ATJ, when he was in kick-ass, honestly that and the short cut are his best looks. I do agree the bawdy is crazy and seeing him nude made me even more attracted to him. Anyways this shoot is crazy hot and I’m team he needs to drop the old bitty he’s with.

  2. Definitely looks better with short hair but that dick is thangin. If I ever find me a big ol cute, well stacked and well hung white man then itโ€™s a wrap for me. Who got jungle fever? ๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. Like if I find me one of these and he’s actually worth a damn in and out of the bedroom its a wrap. lol

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