males who take care of themselves are gay and are like women?

i agree tho.
i was cool with a straight male who said he doesn’t use lotion.
he took a shower at my crib and asked him if he wanted to cream his skin.

“Thats gay.
Only girls use lotion.”

i felt like it was a light shot toward me.
when he looked in my bathroom,
i had all kinds of face and body products in there.
i dunno what gays he knows but a majority of us ain’t ashy.
as matter of fact,
gays use lotion and all the products to keep us looking tight ‘n’ right.
this is one of the many reasons vixens secretly fall for gay males.
they see us and our glistening skin,
and add our bawdies from the gym,
and wish their straight buffalos would pull it together.
i have noticed something tho…

When a male takes care of his appearance,
he is gay or acting like a vixen,
but when he doesn’t,
he is dusty and ugly.

so which is it?
i know some straight males who don’t:

Don’t do proper skin care
Don’t wash their asses
Don’t drink water
Don’t detox after a few nights of drinking and smoking

they end up aging and falling off wild and crazy like the above tweet,
but they are expected to have it together while not putting in work.

if males weren’t shamed into taking care of themselves,
these mentally abusive conversations wouldn’t be a thing.
males are accused of being gay over the smallest shit yet…

Most gay males are the epitome of “having their shit tight”.

i’ll keep saying/fonting it:

Some vixens fan the flames of homophobia without realizing it.

lowkey: i feel like i’m always helping straight males put it together.
i have no issue telling a male he needs to work on his skin.
i had work wolf wrapped around my finger with that shit.
he fell in love when he saw how good i transformed his ass.
i’m the shit.

15 thoughts on “males who take care of themselves are gay and are like women?

  1. My masc gay friend teased me for my extra skin routine but compliments me on it.

    Funny how that worked out lol

  2. Black people can be so exhausting with the way they try to police what other people do. Imagine shaming people for being unattractive, but turning around and shaming them for paying attention to their appearance. Live and let live, you miserable fucks. Lol.

  3. I watch Lex P podcast but let’s just say looks are subjective. And these are the same women who praise surgery and injections like the poster said men on average are shunned for even getting bigen on their lineup after a haircut

    Women have very high standards sometimes for no reason at alll because men have made them feel they’re 10s and they’re really 2s the men are just horny. There’s plenty of couples I see and wonder what the hell is he doing with her

    Now that women are being called 2s by people they’re calling the men misogynistic for telling the truth. A lot of these delusional average looking girls can’t compete with the IG baddies and sometimes even the trans girls or the fem queens and the men are tired of the excuses why their vagina taste like Pennys and dimes and yet they always on social media with a cash app in their bio crying because a man won’t buy them a birkin

    I hate to read them down, but I think it’s time EVERYONE has their realities checked, not just men

    1. Cuz what are we even comparing them in terms of? It’s just as many out of shape women than men if not more. Also women tend to cram their bodies in unflattering clothing intended for BBL bodies when they look pregnant. The weaves are sometimes not blended with the leave out. The lace on the units doesn’t match the skintone, etc.

  4. In my 44 years on earth. I have never heard something as stupid as this in my life. I better not walk out the house with putting lotion on, my mom would have made me miss the school bus if I did put lotion on.

    1. Deron
      Exactly. And my Mom would personally rub my little face with petroleum jelly on these cold Southern mornings.
      Jamari 🦊 you are a 🎁 gift.
      Here is a rose 🌹 for your efforts.

  5. Yes, Jamari. This is yet another layer in which our community must unpack and address too! Many of the women of our community have this false idea of what masculinity is when they are indeed not Men, themselves. And so, they need to ask us first what are some things we can do to take care of ourselves. Instead of assuming. But, then again when you’re programmed a certain way, that’s what you’ll always default to.

    Second, I feel you when you said that a particular wolf was feeling you because of how you made him FEEL AND LOOK too! Lol I think we’ve all had those expletives with those certain wolves who looked to us, to “polish them up.” BUT….at this time, day and age, we AREN’T giving out free game anymore!!! Just for them to then run off with a vixen or another fox!!! No ma’am!!! No sir!!!!

    1. ^1000%

      i think,
      and i could be wrong,
      but aren’t vixens supposed to help push their men to better?
      some males have no idea if they are supposed to eat vitamin c or put it on their face LMAO

      1. Come on now, they put Vitamin C on their face all the time when they catch facials. You got some who look down on guys who don’t use Vitamin C in their regimen.

    2. Bubble baths, oiling him down from head to rusty feet. Massaging them from toe up to crown is part of the experience of a gentleman spending time with me, always has been. They don’t resist it either, that’s part of the seduction in keeping them coming back, as well as major foreplay.
      In my experience, most of the guys are well moisturized and up to snuff. Men of my Age of Aquarius generation were vaselined and moisturized down from kindergarten to college when we left home each day. No ashy knees lips or legs.

      1. ^ i thought lotion was at least a major key so i didn’t know why it was so gay 🤷🏾‍♂️
        i personally love smelling like cocoa butter 😂

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